The guitarist

EASTER WEEK, or Semana Santa, brings tons of tourists to our mountaintop town. Tourists bring money.

And street musicians hope to score some.

I was sitting yesterday at a sidewalk table with my electronic book and a cup of hot café Americano negro when this old boy appeared and struck up a tune or two.

He got 10 pesos from me, and other tables also contributed.

If I’d had my best camera, the photo would be sharper, but I did not have my best camera. Maybe next time.

14 thoughts on “The guitarist

    1. Peggy: Normally, I’m not a big fan of street musicians, especially those who sidle up to you and start screaming, er, singing bloody murder into your ears. But some are okay to good. This guy was pretty good, plus he has a great face.

      You’re right that women do this far less often and when they do it’s almost always part of a group that’s mostly men.


        1. Peggy: I’ve never seen strolling mariachis here where I live. They hire themselves out for events, but just rambling the streets playing? Never.

          Thank the Goddess for that.


  1. Great photo. Playing guitar is what I used to do before I retired. I like it when they at least ask you, ‘musica amigos?’ rather than subject you to Guantanamera or La Bamba one too many times and then ask for money ! What kind of music did this fellow play ?


    1. Brent: Asking if you want to hear something is pretty rare hereabouts. Mostly they just start howling. This fellow was pretty good. He sang a couple ballad things I did not recognize, but he kept it to a reasonable — by my standards — decibel level.


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