My weird world

THIS IS MY hardscrabble barrio’s water storage tank. It sits higher than any other place hereabouts, so gravity is how water gets to my house and those of the neighbors.

About a decade ago, this structure was covered with graffiti, and it was an eyesore. Then it got a fresh paint of white and red, and it remained unsullied for years.

Recently, someone applied artwork, a series of skulls. The one on the right in the middle row is even getting a shower.

Our municipal water comes from an underground spring. It’s delivered to us that way. There’s no purification plant.

We are natural people.

* * * *


After  taking the photo at the top, I did a 180, and took the second photo, which is one side of our neighborhood plaza.

I’ve shot a number of photos of our plaza over the years, but never from this side. Look at those jacaranda trees. I get to admire them every weekday morning during our plaza walk.

We passed our 15th anniversary two days ago, and now we’re working on the second 15 years. I’ve been married thrice, of course. Five years with No. 1. Nineteen years with No. 2, although we were actually married only the last 10.

That means my current marriage has lasted the longest by a long shot. Although I am a fan of marriage, I hope not to have to do it a fourth time. Three is adequate.

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16 thoughts on “My weird world

  1. Thanks for the photos! Those are great! The skulls are way better than the neighborhood gang crap graffiti that tend to get tagged on everything in Mexico. I am impressed they are able to keep it that way!

    I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend, Felipe!


    1. Mike: Graffiti is relatively scarce around here, which is good. Many Mexicans will tell you that their young paisanos picked up the graffiti habit from the Gringos, that it’s not something we came up with on our own. True or not? Who knows?

      Good weekend to you, sir.


  2. Happy, happy 15th anniversary plus two days. I love jacaranda trees. I wish we could grow them in the northwest. Maybe someday if we move to Florida we will plant one. I would think they would do great here. Have a nice weekend.


    1. Teresa: Thanks for the anniversary wishes. As for jacarandas, I planted one here in the yard right after we moved it. It never did squat, for some reason. And then later the area where it was planted was cemented over for our cistern. Adiós, jacaranda. Probably just as well. Those things get very, very big.


  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Artwork looks way better than graffiti. Good to see the artist has a sense of humor too. Did I see a Viking amongst them?


  4. Is your municipal water tank really as skewed as the photo suggests? Or is it just the picture? And yes, it’s weird. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a water tank shaped like an ancient temple, even in Mexico.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Which has all the blandness of contemporary America, in spades.


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