México Lindo

IN SPITE OF our sometimes shady reputation, tourists can’t get enough of Mexico, which recently surpassed Mohammedan-infested Turkey as the world’s eighth-most-favored tourist destination.

A friend recently pointed me to an interesting web page that compared the United States with Mexico.

Among its pluses is that you’re 32 percent less likely to be unemployed in Mexico. Before you pack your suitcase, know that you’ll also earn 70 percent less money here.

Not mentioned on the list is that while you will make less money, living in Mexico is significantly cheaper, somewhat balancing things out, an important detail.

And you’re five times more likely to be murdered in Mexico, or so they say.  While that sounds bad, think of it this way:

If you’re chances of being murdered in the United States are 0.05 percent, then your chances in Mexico are 0.25. Still unlikely. I’ve been here 17 years, and nobody’s tried to murder me.

Perhaps they’ve considered it.

In Mexico, we spend 93 percent less on healthcare. In other words, how’s that ObamaCare working out for you?

We use 85 percent less electricity, and we’re 69 percent less likely to be in prison. Of course, a pessimist will say that’s because most of the bad guys are walking free, and maybe they are.

Or wearing police uniforms.

There are more pluses and minuses. If you want to read the entire list, go here. As for me, I’m staying put where I’m less likely to be in prison, and healthcare is far cheaper.

I hope I won’t be murdered.

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  1. Like Turkey, there are those who would destroy Mexico from within. Two leftist senators have proposed raising Mexico’s minimum wage by 35% each year so that it would achieve parity with the U.S. by 2025. Let’s pray that they’re laughed out of San Lázaro.


  2. We are currently in our big party season in San Antonio, Fiesta. There have been plenty of citations for DWI around the party centers but no shooting incidents. I guess San Antonio citizens have more respect for this annual celebration than for human life because ordinarily it would be open season in certain parts of town for murders with these huge crowds. Big up, San Antonio.


  3. Murdered in Mexico or murdered in Detroit, no matter, the result is the same. Just in Mexico, the people are much nicer about it.

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    1. Senor Gill: Coincidentally, we had a shootout downtown here yesterday afternoon. Bad guys punching it out. Two dead, both bad guys. No harm done.

      In all the years I’ve been here, this has happened on occasion, probably five or six times. I was witness to one. The events are separated by long spells of tranquility. The bullet holes get patched and painted.

      Does keep the tourists away for a couple of weeks, however. That ain’t good for business.


  4. A great comparison list. I just posted to Facebook. I can hardly wait for all the negative comments. I’ve already told friends I’m not listening to negativity.

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  5. I looked at that link. There are problems with it. For example, the GDP comparisons are based on purchasing power parity, a concept that tries to take into account the fact that it’s cheaper to live in Mexico. But it then compares healthcare costs on a non PPP basis. Also the unemployment math is squirrely, and uses the wrong unemployment rate for the USA. Still, there’s a lot to be said for Mexico, and I wish I were there.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where you are 78.37% more likely to be bored.


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