Paula comes calling

Who’s the Gringo with the camera?

OLE FELIPE’S not really a baby person, but sometimes you gotta make allowances.

The second generation of the Mexican relatives are mostly in their 20s, so they’re breeding like hamsters.

A baby slept here last night with her mama whose name is Margarita, just like the beverage, frozen or otherwise. This kid is named Paula, and she’s about a month old.

Paula brought her mother from the state capital yesterday due to a baby shower held last night for yet another niece who’s about to deposit yet another Mexican into this world.

For a baby, Paula is remarkable. She is nice and quiet. She sleeps through the night. She minds her own business. If she poops, I have neither seen nor smelled it.

Gracias to Margarita.

I scratched Paula’s head occasionally so she knows she’s not alone in the world. She held my finger.

Paula doesn’t howl. She doesn’t barf. She meditates.  If she keeps up the superlative behavior, she can visit again.

When she starts walking, we’ll have to renegotiate. Ambulatory humans below the age of 7 are nuisances.

But I own rope.

18 thoughts on “Paula comes calling

  1. I think because of the tenderness of your heart you’d be smitten when you spend time with her, even if she’s not seven. As long as you can send them home to their parents you’re golden.


    1. Carole: Babies aren’t bad if they don’t howl and upchuck. I kinda like them. But when they walk, I prefer they stay out of the Hacienda till at least the age of 7. Too many fragile things here, and Mexican parents simply pay no attention to what the little ones are doing. There are exceptions to this, of course, but not many.


      1. As for the fragility of things, distraction is the name of the game. Of the kiddo, not the parents, that is.


        1. Carole: That is true, of course, but the house is big, and the distraction job always falls 100 percent on me. No one else seems to give a rat’s kazoo. Certainly not the kids’ parents. Them least of all.


  2. That’s how babies should be. Hopefully, that personality will grow with her. It’s been awhile since we have heard about your other family spawn. He must be around 14 or 15 at this juncture.


    1. Tancho: We have spawn up the kazoo, but I know to whom you are referring. The Little Vaquero. He’s not so little anymore. He turned 14 in March. He’s a good kid. I wish his living situation were different, but it’s not, and it’s out of my hands.


  3. Soooo funny. Al was like that too until he had his first grandson. That little boy could do no wrong, including poopy diapers!


    1. Beverly: Due to my ever-conflicted Gringo family situation, I will never have grandchildren. I wish that were not the case, but it is.

      Grandkids are better than your own children because when you weary of them, you can hand them back to their parents. That sounds ideal.


    1. Bev: Actually, I’m not. But my wife has enough nuttiness for babies for both of us. I’ve never known anyone more nutty for babies. Literally. And if the baby in question is in the family, she goes ballistic, as they say. She would have been an excellent mother, but she’s the only one of her 10 siblings who never had a baby. Ironically, most of the others never should have been parents. Some, colossally so.


  4. I’ll get lynched for this, but I never found newborn babies cute. They all look roughly the same with red faces that scream and project all kinds of horrible stuff. They are at their cutest between 5 and 6.

    We chose not to have them for a number of reasons though we played baby roulette on a few occasions. One reason was that the earth seemed to be getting overpopulated at an ever-increasing rate. I guess our little sacrifice didn’t do much good as in other places like Mexico kids are having kids … hamsters. But as a friend of mine likes to say, “there aren’t enough Mexicans in the world.” At this frantic pace, soon there will be. Glad your pequeña visitor was well behaved.


    1. Brent: Surely, you’ve heard the old saw that all newborns look like Winston Churchill. There’s often truth in that.

      As for Paula, as mentioned, she neither screamed (or even cried) and she certainly did not hurl stuff. She was a perfect lady.

      But too many babies do those things, unfortunately, eh?

      I too played baby roulette, and I lost twice. That’s why I got a vasectomy at 24.


  5. I think you need to add an additional tag to this post: curmudgeon. That said, I mostly share your sentiments about babies, unless they are related to me, and then I soften a smidgen. And I much prefer being an uncle to being a father.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the only hitch is that there’s no one to take care of me when I’m 85.


    1. Kim: My curmudgeonly characteristics are marginal at best. Mostly, I am a ray of sunshine.

      As for having one to care for you at 85, well, that is truly an issue. I do have a daughter, but she’s taken herself out of the picture due to, I imagine, her mother’s misguided influence.

      I recommend you do what I do. Find a Mexican child bride or, in your case, a Mexican child groom. What? You’ve already been doing that? Soldier on.

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