Dust of spring

IF YOU STROLL across our yard this month it’s like stepping through a lawn of dead, crunchy locusts.

We keep the large window in the living room shut to keep the dust out. The equally large one in the dining room, however, is opened because you need some fresh air.

All our springtimes are like this, the polar opposite of our soggy, green, slippery summers.

Yesterday about noon, I sat myself down on the Jesus Patio with the intention of reading, but I didn’t read anything. The Kindle just sat on the glass-top table as I stared around.

I had the Canon, so I photographed the clay head that sits beside the cactus. He’s not a man to be messed with.

Later we lunched at Tiendita Verde, and then we headed downtown, the two of us in separate cars, leaving a larger carbon footprint. It can’t be helped.

We ran into Jaime there. He’s 11, and the son of our nephew who died recently of cancer at 32. My child bride and her sister have taken him under their wings of late.

Jaime is a remarkably good kid. I like him.

8 thoughts on “Dust of spring

  1. Good luck to Jaime. He looks like a sweet kid.
    Yesterday afternoon we had a dust storm worthy of the Sahara. You couldn’t see two hundred feet ahead. The skies darkened and it looked as if it was going to rain, but like the day before and the day before that the skies grunted and grunted but nothing came down except a silly dribble. Any brush fire now just goes on and on, our fire department, such as it is, incapable or uninterested in doing anything about it.



    1. Señor Lanier: Jaime is a fine boy indeed. I wonder what his future holds.

      Dust storm, huh? Your area, of course, is more deserty (I invented a word!) than where I am, so we don’t get dust storms, just dust. And here too, the last few days, it’s threatened to rain, but it hasn’t. Of course, it usually does not rain at all in May.

      And life goes on.


  2. Jaime looks a lot like the old b/w photos that you’ve posted of yourself as a kid.


  3. If you are close enough to be just an example for Jaime he’s bound to have a leg up on the right path in life. The earlier examples you set aside, the person you became is his best bet!


  4. We did enter a copious rainstorm on Thursday afternoon, as we drove back from our state capital city. We had to pull over to the side of the highway, as the rain was so heavy as to obscure visibility. Still, it was welcome and helped cool things down as well as attempt to resuscitate parched plants.

    Don Cuevas


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