Rapping the hijab

ONE OF THE most ignorant things you hear on the left is that one should embrace Mohammedanism.

Everyone who gives the abominable Mohammedan culture a pass is either a supporter of the PC Party (i.e. Democrats) or some nincompoopery even further to the left.

The never-subtle — but usually correct — Paul Joseph Watson states things clearly in this video.

19 thoughts on “Rapping the hijab

  1. Thank you, mighty Obama, for helping to bring Sharia law and subjugating women to America.

    Your legacy is intact.

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  2. Glad you like Paul. He’s pretty funny and tells it like it is without pulling any punches. He’s a voice for the Millennials who clearly need something besides the leftist pablum they are being fed. Strange world when feminists are saying that all women should wear the hijab in support. And I just heard that at Harvard they are having a black-only graduation ceremony. No whites allowed! WTF ??? We live in interesting times.


    1. Brent: I invariably agree with Watson. My only complaint is that his videos are usually rife with obscenities. This one is relatively free of that. He’s a product of our times and his generation, of course. It’s perfectly doable to say anything without resorting to streams of profanities.

      Yes, we do live in interesting times, recalling the Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.

      It’s not meant as a good-luck wish.


      1. Yes, I realize that PJW does use the odd profanity. Not for children to be sure, but sometimes the situation calls for a well-placed profanity. Better than the non-profane mainstream news that is profane in a million other ways. Cheers.


        1. Brent: Watson is normally nonstop obscenities. This video of his is an anomaly.

          Anything can be expressed, forcefully or not, without profanities. Anything whatsoever. It simply requires a wider vocabulary.

          Our society becomes crasser by the day, and it’s not a positive thing, quite the contrary. It’s leftists who excel in profanities. No need for conservatives to do the same.


          1. Well, I disagree that Watson is nonstop obscenities as I’ve listened to many of his videos. But I do agree that society is getting crasser, more jaded and more cynical by the year … and that is not a good thing. People are becoming increasingly frustrated with our society and no matter how hard they work they seem to fall behind, have more debt and have less free time to spend with their friends and families. I think it’s this frustration that leads to a crasser obscenity-laden society. You are lucky to have been able to escape it. Me too. Have a great day.


            1. Brent: Perhaps then I overspoke about Watson’s addiction to obscenities. I’ve seen a good number of his videos but not all that many. Sounds like you’ve seen more.

              As for having a great day, all my days are great! Hope yours are too.


  3. Little by little, the indoctrination progresses. Children in one or two decades will think that garbage is normal and will accept it. The schools now push the righteousness of Islam and castigate fuddy-duddy Christianity.

    And the separation-of-religion-and-state people remain silent.


    1. Tancho: Most Americans do not subscribe, I am sure, to political correctness and other leftist nonsense. However, leftists control the vital areas of education and entertainment. The damage they do is vast, far out of proportion to their actual numbers.


  4. Here’s a fun video. A New York lawyer taped Mohammedans loading up their SUV with goods to resell, goods they purchased with taxpayer-provided food stamps.


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