Oh, the irony

MEXICO, IT TURNS out, is not keen on illegal aliens.

At least, the ones who want to stay in Mexico instead of doing the expected thing of riding atop a train to the Rio Bravo, jumping off and swimming across. When they do that, well, no sweat.

We rob them and screw them along the way.

The Trump Administration, a gift that keeps on giving, simply by being in office, has resulted in a significant drop in border invasions. Illegals have second thoughts. Many are detouring to Canada, thanks to young, clueless Trudeau.

But many are Hondurans who, after sneaking into Southern Mexico, are deciding to go no farther. After all, Mexico is a real step up from grisly Honduras.

As a result, crime and social problems are soaring. Surprise! So Mexico is deporting illegals back where they came from.

Sometimes diversity ain’t so sweet.

Figures show that Mexico has deported 16,332 Hondurans since January. More details available here.

Oh, the irony.

All nations need border walls.

18 thoughts on “Oh, the irony

  1. I read an article similar to your post a few months ago. It made me laugh. As you say, it is very ironic. I agree a border that is not respected needs a wall. Laws that are not obeyed need punishment. I know, how insensitive of me, right?

    Have a great Wednesday, Felipe!

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    1. Mike: We Mexicans are normal people. If something benefits us, we’re fer it! If it doesn’t benefit us, we’re agin’ it!

      As for a great Wednesday, all my days are great! Hope yours are too, señor Mike.


  2. You’re so right. I’m not a fan of these illegals sneaking into Canada either, but we’ve got an idiot with nice hair and a famous name. Don’t get me started. Last two days down here, and I can’t understand the vitriol Mexicans have for Donald Trump. Clearly, they’ve been fed some incendiary garbage from the local media. They’re trying to sell me anti-Trump hats and T-shirts, and it’s almost amusing. What isn’t is the constant attacks Donald is getting from the left and the esquizophrenico (sp) media. There seems to be a big push on to impeach him or otherwise get rid of him. I hope he survives, but he doesn’t seem to have many friends.

    Here’s a PJW video that is, as usual, right on the mark. I’ve vetted it for swear words and not a one. Cheers.



    1. Brent: Clearly, they’ve been fed some incendiary garbage from the local media. There, you hit it right on the head. The media in Mexico have reported virtually nothing about the Trump phenomenon except this: He hates Mexicans. That’s it. Nothing more. During the campaign it was that, over and over and over, down here. All the other issues that inspired so many Americans (like me) to vote for him were and are entirely missing from the picture.

      As for any push to impeach or get rid of Trump, that exists solely in the hysterical minds of the American left and their P.R. firms that are the leftist U.S. news media. The PC people, the Democrats simply cannot wrap their minds around the fact they … lost … the … election. Trump’s not going anywhere. He has plenty of friends.


      1. Well I hope you’re right about Trump not going anywhere. I know he’s got lots of supportive friends but there are so many that want him gone ASAP that who knows. I’m still on the bandwagon ’cause what other choice is there ?
        And Paul may have gone over the top a bit but if he didn’t he wouldn’t have the huge audience he has.
        Funny world.

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  3. I am afraid the short-term solution to funding the government was too little, too late. When the funding runs out, and there is no money to fund the government and fund the food stamp accounts, then it will happen.

    Too many people are too dependent upon federal monies. Then the leftist will strike. They will blame the Trump administration even though they caused the problem. It will probably happen in the heat of summer. You have been out of the country so long, you cannot smell the hatred. It is scary!


    1. Señor Gill: I can too smell the hatred. It travels quite nicely over the internet. I see it. I smell it. I feel it. Luckily, it does not affect me directly, but I am quite aware of it. And I know it must be scary. I am so glad I do not live up there anymore.


  4. You and I are of one mind on illegal immigration. I am a bit surprised Mexican immigration has not started checking visas of overstaying northerners. We both know people in that category — the illegal aliens amongst us.


    1. Señor Cotton: About a decade ago, a couple of fellows from the immigration office in the nearby state capital were walking around the main plaza asking likely suspects for proof of being here legally. Yes, the fellows were PROFILING! Made perfect sense. I heard later that they caught some European and that he was deported, as he should have been.

      Actually, I know of only one Gringo — a Gringa, actually — who is living here illegally. Just one. I know one other guy who was here for a brief spell, overstaying his tourist visa. That was over a decade ago.

      So, bottom line, I know and have known virtually zero illegal Gringos here. I know plenty of Mexicans, however, including some of my relatives, who’ve been illegals in the United States. There’s no shortage of them. They’re all over the place.


        1. Steve: Yes, the scale of the activity is astounding. Our nephew who died of cancer in February was the most egregious border-jumper in the family.


  5. Jumping borders can be good exercise. So can doing it legally within the existing system(s). These exercises always go together.
    The hate level is certainly up here NOB but then it always has been, just not so visible at any given moment. Looks like MX has got its share as well.

    What a shame that we have almost no mass access to truth in politics or anything else up here or down there.

    We are the products of our limitations in all areas of life. Can we find a way to eliminate some of those limitations?
    ……certainly hope so, but it seems to move really slow.


    1. Ricardo: We Mexicans reserve the great majority of our hate for the government. Hate each other? Not so much. But the government? We loathe the government, no matter who’s running it at any given moment.

      The reason we don’t hate each other like what is happening above the border is that we are not multicultural to any significant degree. We pretty much all look alike, think alike, share the same language, religion, culture, you name it. And that’s how a nation should be.

      The Gringos have lost that in large part because of their idolizing diversity and multiculturalism, which is turning around and biting them big-time on the keister.


  6. How right you are once again, Señor Felipe.
    Wonder how we could turn this hate NOB into something more constructive/positive for us all.


    1. Ricardo: I don’t see what’s happening in the United States becoming anything positive. Quite the contrary. Hope I’m wrong, but I would not bet on it.

      On the Mexican matter, while we do not hate one another, boy, oh, boy, are we suspicious of one another. Big-time.


  7. Yugoslavia. A perfectly diverse country made up of several language groups and cultures with Mohammedans and Christians and Jews, all held together by a Communist dictator. How could it have possibly failed?

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    1. Paul: Nice example. It’s only the Kumbaya-crooning left that thinks multiculturalism is a good thing. And it is a good thing, a great thing, a sweet thing, so sweet you might even call it Utopian, a pipe dream.

      Alas, world history is littered with dead and maimed bodies where different people try to live together in peace and harmony. If only …


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