The orchid peach

AND ONWARD we slog through the overly warm afternoons and evenings of May.

Praying for rain.

But there are fun distractions. One is the orchid peach. It’s my own invention.

Here’s the recipe: Take one peach tree. Any tree will do, but I use peach. It’s out there.

Tie orchid bases to the peach tree. That’s Step Two. Patience is Step Three. Most of the year, they just hang there, but in Springtime they bloom.

These orchids grow wild in the area, attaching themselves to trees — they’re parasites — and in Springtime, vendors walk the streets and stand beside highways, selling them.

I try to purchase at least one a year.

They can grow high, making it difficult to grab them. Once, a couple of years ago, a tall part of a tree on our main plaza broke off and thundered to the sidewalk. Nobody was hurt.

But the hunk of tree lying on the sidewalk was chockablock with blooming orchids. People went at them like a pack of wolves. I happened by after most of the orchids were plucked.


This year I purchased yellow, a first. All the previous orchids on my peach tree had been pink. You like a little variety in your orchids, color-wise.

The blooms in the photo look a little weary. That’s because they first erupted weeks ago, and they’re just about pooped out for this season. You can see my new yellow one.

The orchid peach. My own invention.

Patent Pending. Or not.

15 thoughts on “The orchid peach

  1. Wild orchids are all so magical. It’s exciting to come upon them when trekking in the jungle. I hope yours continue to thrive.


    1. Carole: It’s kind of exciting to see them here when I trek across the grass too. But only in Springtime. As for their thriving, that seems to be no problem. Every year, just like clockwork, they bloom quite nicely.


  2. Felipe’s Wild Orchid Patch sounds like the title of an erotic movie.

    I have thought of raising orchids in my avocado orchard. However, once a year I must cope with the avocado pickers who are a rough bunch of hooligans who would probably destroy them.


    1. Andres. Wild Orchids was a 1929 silent film with Greta Garbo. Wild Orchid (singular, not plural) was a 1990 erotic movie with the weirdo Mickey Rourke and the yummy Jacqueline Bisset.

      My film, The Orchid Peach, would star, I hope, a young Maria Grazia Cucinotta. The male lead would be me because I’ve always wanted to grapple with Cucinotta. I too would be younger.

      It would be a smash hit, an Oscar winner, and I would create waves by praising Trump from the Academy Awards stage. And when the blowback hit me the following day, I would not apologize as so many do.


    1. Oh, Connie. I am. I am. You have no idea. I once had a girlfriend in Houston in the late 1990s. She commented one day: You think of everything!

      Good to hear from you.


    1. Kim: I’m sure you are correct. I used the word parasite because they wrap their tendrils around the host tree — at least mine do — and live there, happily.


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