All my fault

I LEFT THE United States in pretty good condition when I moved over the Rio Bravo in January 2000. Bill Clinton was president, and the stock market was going gangbusters.

Alas, my absence was noted, and the nation went straight to Hell. The stock market started a two-year plunge that year. Then other horrible things began to happen.

Mohammedans attacked New York City. U.S. military expeditions into the Middle East were mucked up.

The economy collapsed in 2008. Would this have happened had I stayed home in Houston? There’s no way to know.

And things grew even worse.

Voters put a left-wing, mulatto community organizer with little useful experience into the White House and then, astonishingly, re-elected him four years later. Kool-Aid moment.

The White House power vacuum emboldened murderous Mohammedans far and wide. Leftists overran American universities, kicking out contrary opinions.

And here we are today.


The White House’s community organizer freed the traitor Bradley Manning* from prison in January, and Brad will soon do an interview with ABC “News.” Expect sympathy and softballs.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade is honoring a Puerto Rican terrorist who took part in fatal, bombing campaigns in the 1970s.

The New York Times prefers to call him “a militant.”

That’s nicer than calling him a murderer.

Furthermore, the City University of New York — a public, tax-funded institution — has invited Mohammedan terrorist supporter, Sharia Law-loving Linda Sarsour to be keynote speaker at a graduation ceremony.

As I look back on the past 17 years and remember the good nation I left compared to what it became immediately on my departure, I cannot avoid thinking that I am the cause.

It troubles my nights. Truly, it does.

* * * *

* Manning loves to be called Chelsea these days, which makes me think of Chelsea Clinton who recently said that child marriage and climate change are interconnected. She said this at a CARE National Conference in Washington D.C. where she was introduced as a “thought leader and change agent.” No joke.

A thought leader.

35 thoughts on “All my fault

    1. Carlos: Funny you should say that because exactly the same thing occurred to me. If I returned to the U.S. to put things right, God knows what would become of Mexico. So, I’m gonna stay here. Fear not.


  1. Yes, it is all your fault. You are white, you are male, and you are educated and self-sufficient. You should go to your room for the next ten years and atone for your white, male privilege. The only way for you to rise above the morass is to change your gender and race. Think of that chick Rachel Dolezal as a potential role model. Hang down your head and cry.


      1. Carlos: Well, I am capable and I did retreat. Guilty as charged.

        I’ve never read any of Rand’s books, but I did attend an intimate reading she did in a second-floor walk-up in San Francisco around 1963. It was interesting.


    1. One could write a very interesting piece on the fate of various African countries after they kicked out or marginalized their white populations. Spoiler alert: things did not get better.

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        1. Señor Gill: In some zones of America, it’s like living in Cuba. Wrong word and you’re shot. Or lose your job at best. Shunned. Or so I detect from my home far away. The internet is useful.

          I saw Herman Cain on Fox the other day. He opined that America would recover if only Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York could be cut loose. I would add San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago. Perhaps Madison, Wisconsin, too.


  2. Felipe, You’re an angry man and that’s not good for your digestion. May I suggest mindful meditation.


    1. Señor Ham: Quite the contrary. The United States saddens me far more than it makes me angry. Were I still living up there, I would indeed be angry and with much cause.

      But thanks to the Goddess, I live in Mexico.

      The primary worrisome thing is that what happens in the United States has global repercussions. That is quite worrisome.


  3. Señor Felipe,
    We are missing your good vibes up here NOB. Don’t see a lot of chance of rapid improvement from the near-hell-on-earth you describe. I wish you had never left, but then I really can’t hold it against you.


    1. Ricardo: Thanks for missing me, but from now on my good vibes will play out south of the border. I don’t think much is going to save America. Trump will do what he can, slow it down a bit, but it will be too little too late.


    1. Kim: If we started listing all news stories about shenanigans on university campuses these days, we’d be writing (you and I) for weeks on end. I’ve given up trying to keep track of it all.

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  4. That’s very big of you to take responsibility for all the bad stuff that happened in the USA over the past 17 years. But during the same period, Canada went down the tubes too and I doubt that could’ve been your fault too. Wait a minute…it all started going to poop in 1986 when we dropped out of society. When we had a big Expo and invited the world….and they never went home but instead invited their extended families to come and live in this wonderful country. Maybe it’s partly my fault. Actually there’s a lot of blame to go around. Cheers.


    1. Brent: I take no responsibility whatsoever for the mess you Canucks are making of your own nation. In some respects it’s worse than the U.S.

      My heart goes out to you. Perhaps you should try more to mimic Australia instead of the United States. The Aussies are pretty sharp.


  5. Soooo! It was you! Coincidentally the NASDAQ crashed that year and finally got back to par in 2016.
    I think Bill Clinton was a lot more responsible for this mess than you, so don’t beat yourself up about it!


    1. Dave: Being a Democrat, of course, Bill Clinton shoulders some blame. Mostly in unclear ways, to me at least. But Bill was a stellar president in comparison to Weepy Barry. If memory serves, the federal budget was in pretty good shape during his term, and there was that Welfare Reform that was excellent even though Newt Gingrich was more responsible for that than Bill was. Bill had to go along.

      Compared to now, the 1990s was a Golden Age. Fiscally, socially, you name it.

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  6. I am surprised there are not more suicides or people going postal in the states. I stopped watching and reading most of the news simply because of stories like this.

    Racial appropriation, my, my. When will these kids figure out that their main mission is to get a job to support themselves without a handout or student loans that they buy weed with.

    Yes, it is your fault. You are a big man to apologize for it.

    What about reparations? I guess you don’t feel guilty enough?


  7. Nothing was my fault. I bailed out a couple of months after Barry was sworn in. Perhaps it was only a coincidence. Who knows?


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