The hysteria

WILL THE gory head of Trump, so grotesquely exhibited by Kathy Griffin, and the blowback it created, spell the end of the Democrats’ hysteria over losing the election?

Not Trump

Don’t bet the farm. Will it reduce it a bit?

Let us hope so.

My child bride occasionally views U.S. news, and she asks me what’s going on up there.

And I always tell her the truth, that the Hillary-and-Bernie people are toddlers on the floor, kicking arms and legs, and screaming bloody murder. Seven months now.


They didn’t get their way. They want that Snickers! But there’s another way to see the situation.

It’s the theater in which Americans sit or, more specifically, which of the two screens in that theater they are watching.

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, writes a blog that often touches on the political scene. He maintains that Americans are watching two different movies.

One side side of the theater is the movie of President Trump making America Great Again and giving the endless raspberry to insufferable coastal elites.  Much of the audience, likely most, is watching that blockbuster film.

But on the other side of the theater is the horror flick depicting the Mongol hordes that have invaded the White House. That’s the movie New Yorkers are watching, plus folks in Washington DC, Seattle, California and much of Oregon.

It’s the movie Hollywood is watching, and it’s the movie shown repeatedly on 99 percent of university campuses.

When Weepy Barry was re-elected in 2012, I was flabbergasted. And so were almost all conservatives. We thought we had the election in the bag, but we did not.

We were severely disappointed, but we did not take to the streets. We did not burn cars. We did not photograph ourselves with bloody heads of Obama. Didn’t even occur to us.

We accepted the loss with grace. Well, most did.

America has been subjected now to seven months of nonstop screaming, bawling, death threats and rioting by Democrats. Enough! Perhaps Kathy Griffin’s grotesque stunt that horrified many Democrats too will inspire a calming on the left.

Let us hope so. It’s quite important.


You’ll get another chance in four years. But skip geriatric socialists and charmless wives of ex-presidents. Be imaginative! Nominate Al Franken or Pocahontas. We would love that.

Meanwhile, grow up. Get off the floor. You look absolutely ridiculous because you are.

27 thoughts on “The hysteria

  1. Yes, it is all ridiculous and getting unwatchable at this point. Hillary keeps popping up blaming everybody but herself for her loss. It must be the Russians … one of them communist plots like on Rocky & Bullwinkle. The leftists have even killed comedy with Jim Carrey (heavily bearded) defending the untalented Kathy Griffin saying something like, “comedy is the last line of defence against tyranny.” Give me a break! We are actually taking a break from all this madness. Going up to our cabin for the summer with no TV or internet so I won’t be able to comment on your entertaining blog until September. Have a great summer, señor.


      1. Fraid so, Felipe. Back to checking my emails once per week on public wifi. I’m looking forward to taking a break from ‘breaking’ news. The only news I will be listening to are squirrels chattering outside my window. Thankfully, I’m not fluent in Squirrelese. I’ll try to follow your blog if the wifi connection is good, which it rarely is up there. There is Cortes Island, BC, if you want to look it up on Google maps. Nice place in the summer. Kind of bleak in the winter which is where Mexico fits in. Cheers 🙂


  2. Do you remember the fallout when some rodeo clown had a mask of Obama? The whole political machine in the U.S. came unglued. I can imagine what would have happened if we had that clown holding up a severed head of Obama.

    It is interesting how hypocritical the Demos and Liberals are. There are tons of examples but they, of course, deny all of them.


    1. Tancho: You are not the first to mention this week the rodeo clown episode, and he was just wearing an off-the-shelf mask of Obama. It was something of a caricature, but nothing more. If memory serves, he was fired from his job.

      And, once again, these people are not liberals. They are anything but. They call themselves that because it sounds nice. We should not repeat the error.

      I am a broken record on this issue.


    1. Señor Gill: The U.S. is just coming off eight years of “these people,” and what you see all around you is what they have wrought.

      Endless hysteria over their election loss is one. There are tons of other things too.


    2. …and the U.S. will put one of them back in the White House again. Don’t think it won’t happen. Probably in eight years. Read H.L. Mencken’s quote in the right-side column here.


            1. Señor Gill: I did miss a lot by being raised in a non-religious home. Some was good. Some was bad. I am ignorant of the Bible, but I bet lots of folks who claim to be Christian are just as ignorant as I am.

              Obviously, you are not one of them.


  3. She pulled this stunt to get a reaction. Since she did not get the reaction she wanted, she is on TV crying and playing the victim amidst a Secret Service investigation.


    1. Connie: Yep, she pulled it to get a reaction, and the reaction was far more than she banked on. Just this morning, I read that more places are canceling her shows. I would love to see her career go completely down the drain, just like Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame after he did his spectacular screw-up.

      And she’s now trying to portray herself as the victim. She is a pathetic human being. And why did she so underestimate the blowback? Because in her social and work circles nobody would have done anything but laugh. She lived in a bubble, as do so many in showbiz.

      It’s like the entertainers who portray themselves as environmentalists and worrying about climate change as they gad about in Learjets and Mercedes SUVs.

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  4. Exactly. In the beginning she tried to play the comedy card. As she immediately found out, most of the country did not find it funny at all. Pathetic is a good way to describe her as a person as well as that awful facelift she is sporting. I did not care for her prior to this, but now I detest her.


    1. Connie: Facelift? Had not noticed that. Not a surprise, of course. She and my wife are the same age. My wife has no facelift and does not need one.


  5. Her publicist announced Kathy Griffin is teaming up with “Freddy” Krueger to do a sequel to American Psycho.


  6. Dear old Kathy was much more humble and sometimes even quite funny when she was much younger and could stay a distance from political comments. I wish her no bad karma but then I don’t need to. She has brought it on herself. I will kick in a few bucks for a small canoe if she wants to cross the Pacific alone.


    1. Ricardo: I’d be willing to chip in a few pesos for that canoe too.

      Alas, the truth of the matter is that in a few months this will all be forgotten. She will have lost some cash from the canceled gigs this year, and I doubt she’ll ever be back on CNN, but this time next year she’ll be doing what she’s always done and making a good living.

      I doubt she’ll take any more digs at Trump, however.


  7. Lost with grace to Obama? Let’s not forget McConnell’s main goal of making Obama a failed president. That’s not exactly losing with grace. Let’s also not forget all the odious and racist comments about Obama populating the comments sections of Breitbart and other such venues.

    Yes, I’ll aver that the Dems are acting far worse now, but Republicans have hardly been gracious, never mind a model of grace.

    Bottom line, party politics brings out the worst in everyone. Imagine how much better congress might function if , upon taking office, everyone renounced party affiliation and simply voted for policies that their voters supported.

    The USA would be a radically different place, and probably a better one.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the local press ignores local politics.


      1. When Weepy Barry was re-elected in 2012, I was flabbergasted. And so were almost all conservatives. We thought we had the election in the bag, but we did not.

        We were severely disappointed, but we did not take to the streets. We did not burn cars. We did not photograph ourselves with bloody heads of Obama. Didn’t even occur to us.

        We accepted the loss with grace. [emphasis added.] Well, most did.


        1. Kim: Ah, there it is. I re-read too quickly.

          The way Republicans and conservatives reacted to the very disappointing and shocking re-election of Weepy Barry in 2012 — with some few exceptions, as I noted — was like a 1968 Love-In in San Francisco compared to the ongoing violence — literally — and rabid hysteria that still has not abated today in the wake of Trump’s fair-and-square election.

          I stand by that, brother. No comparison to be made at all.


          1. Well, I agree that the Democrats today are very nearly deranged, if not entirely deranged. And yes, I agree that their reaction makes the Republicans’ reaction to Obama look much better. But “grace” is still not fitting to describe the Republican reaction.

            Face it, the political class are all scumballs.


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