Whittle wisdom

BILL WHITTLE always puts things in proper perspective.

Here he deals with the left-wing obsession of “climate change,” a bogus worry if there ever was one.

10 thoughts on “Whittle wisdom

    1. Ricardo: Climate change is the biggest nothing burger to hit the international stage in many an epoch. Tip of the sombrero to Hillary for the term. Nothing burger, that is, not climate change.

      My favorite climate-change story is the “scientific” ship that sailed to Antarctica a few years ago to study “global warming.” The ship got trapped in ice and the crew had to be airlifted out. Not so warm after all. Oh, the irony. I’m still chuckling at that one.


  1. But what about the children?

    There was someone on TV the other night challenging Bill Nye, and the first thing all these guys come back with is, “but what about the children?” If they worry so much about the children then why are they saddling “the children” with catastrophic debt? No one touches that one, but global warming is a money-making device. Al Gore has made it a cash cow for the last decade. Most of the present “children” don’t have any idea of what is going on past the on button of their cell phone.


    1. Tancho: Gore has been milking climate change for a good bit longer than just a decade.

      Even more perilous than catastrophic debt, I think, is the encouraged Mohammedan invasion, er, immigration to the Western, civilized world.


  2. You must be proud. Reading your blog these days — including comments — feels like entering a bar in Oxford, MS in the 1930s (I’ve never been there, but I trust Faulkner). Of course, racial equality and not climate change was the “bogus worry” those days, but who cares.

    I’m sure you’ll appreciate the compliment.


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