I told you so!

AMERICAN SOCIALISTS* are fond of saying President Trump lost the popular vote. They then conclude his presidency is bogus even though the popular vote does not determine who is elected. That’s the Electoral College, of course.

Trump won handily, fair and square, where it counts.

Just like JFK, Nixon and FDR.

Since the election, I have pointed out repeatedly that many of the popular votes scored by Hillary were cast by illegal aliens. This is because, in many places, all you need to flash at the polling station is a driver’s license.

Many states issue driver’s licenses to illegals.

And all you need to register to vote is check that you are a citizen. Beyond your word, nobody verifies it.

We all voted for Hillary!

So, with Lord knows how many illegals with driver’s licenses, and with 100 percent of them voting Democrat, it may well have caused Hillary’s “popular” vote victory.

She was popular with illegals, no doubt.

I have been dissed for pointing this out, but now there is a legit study that backs me up. I am correct again. An independent think tank, Just Facts, has issued a report on the matter.

Almost 6 million illegals may have voted.

President Trump has formed a commission to look into this problem of people voting who have no right to vote, just one of the many positive things coming out of Trump’s Oval Office.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to howl in the streets, whining, crying, rioting and issuing death threats. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

It’s enough to make this old Mexican roll his eyeballs.

* * * *

* Democrat Party voters! But I concede that some Democrats, almost exclusively older people, vote Democrat out of long habit. They also think, incorrectly, that the Democrat Party is the “nice” party and Republicans are old meanies. And plenty of these geriatric Democrats have been stoned since 1968.

12 thoughts on “I told you so!

    1. Peggy: I was a Democrat most of my life. All of my surviving small family remains in the Democrat fold. I even saw a photo of my daughter recently sporting one of those pink pussy hats! I was so embarrassed.

      But I came to my senses a decade or so ago. It’s much nicer now in the liberating air of freedom and good sense.


  1. Felipe, don’t know about 6 million illegals voting. However, do know that Hillary won the popular vote solely on her margin of victory in the leftist state of California. Take away California and Trump wins the popular vote as well.


    1. Mounddweller: How right you are, and California hardly qualifies as an American state anymore. Trump was elected wholeheartedly by actual, clear-headed citizens.


    2. PS: That clearly illustrates why the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College system. It was to prevent one relatively small area from deciding for the entire nation. And it works!


  2. What they really should do is only allow the people that pay taxes the right to vote. That way leeches don’t vote to keep the give-away, free-money programs going.

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    1. Quite correct, Tancho. Universal suffrage is a horror. There should be qualifications imposed. Letting those people vote who lack the sense to come in out of the rain is ridiculous and perilous. History proves this time and again.


  3. That’s kind of how it was originally set up. If you were not a property owner, you could not vote. I think going to a similar system would be in the country’s best interests. If you don’t have a vested interest in the system you don’t get to vote.


    1. Judy: How right you are. Don’t hold your breath, however, till the Democrats get on board with something that will disenfranchise a huge segment of its voter base.

      And would make it harder for illegal aliens to participate in elections.


  4. Frankly, I can’t stand the Republicans either. But the last election, combined with Hillary Clinton has made me rather uncomfortable with being a registered Democrat (which I still am). Frankly, both parties are toxic, and both have sold the American common folk down the river.

    If the Republicans had any spine at all (which they don’t) they’d focus on lowering healthcare costs, not on some kind of “my-dog-ate-my-homework” kind of excuse for replacing Obamacare. But they are just as much in thrall to the special interests as the Dems. It’s just a different group of interests.

    To paraphrase Shakespeare, “A pox on both their houses!”


    Kim G
    Somewhere else
    Where the politics are totally different. And possibly saner.


      1. I’ll second the comment on Trump. I can’t stand the traditional Republicans and the Dems have started to give me the willies too.


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