No black people

ONE OF THE many changes I encountered on moving to Central Mexico was this:  There are no black people.

Nary a one.

After living in the American South for 98 percent of my life, this was very noticeable. I grew up with blacks, literally. For the first six years of my life, I lived on my grandparents’ farm in southwest Georgia. All of my playmates were black, 100%.

When my family moved to Florida when I was 7, however, schools had not been integrated, so I went completely through public schooling with no black kids in sight. They were on the other side of town in their own schools.

“Separate but equal.” Yeah, sure.

But on joining the Air Force in 1962, I immediately entered an integrated world. My barracks roommate was black, and so were some of my friends.

America changed in the following years, and blacks and whites now live and work together though not always in peace, something that is worsening, unfortunately. This I blame on the Democrat Party and famous black hucksters.

I moved over the border, leaving American racial conflict behind me. There are no black Mexicans in my part of the country. I understand there are some Mexican blacks on the Gulf Coast. Caribbean islands are full of black Latinos.

Statistically, Mexico is about 10 percent white and 90 percent brown. The brown 90 percent is split into 60 percent Mestizo and 30 percent indigenous. You often cannot tell Mestizos and indigenous apart. Their clothing can be a clue.

Often the indigenous speak their own language.

When I say there are no blacks in my part of Central Mexico, I mean Mexicans. I do know of two non-Mexican blacks here. One is half of a biracial couple from Washington D.C. who bought a home here for part-time living. The other is a young black American I’ve spotted now and then for years. I do not know her.

On rare occasion, I see a black tourist on the plaza. They invariably appear to be American. Yes, you can tell. But that’s rare. I guess American blacks prefer other vacation spots.

Maybe Cancún or Cabo.

Mostly, I live in a brown world, and I’m fine with that. I even married one, which I heartily recommend.

* * * *

(Bet you got a little uncomfortable reading this. Blame political correctness and people who vote left.)

11 thoughts on “No black people

  1. Guerrero’s Costa Chica is Afro-Mexican.

    Morelia did have a black population, slaves, at one time. The Las Columnas church in Bartoleme de las Casa was the blacks’ church. Today, the small black population of Morelia is mostly Cuban.


    1. Ms. Shoes: I’d never heard of the Costa Chica. Had to look it up. So there are Mexican blacks down on the Pacific coast too, if you go far enough. As for blacks in the state capital, never seen one that was not fairly obviously a Gringo tourist.

      Black Cubans, eh? Interesting. Cuba is full of blacks, of course.


  2. I too grew up in the Deep South (New Orleans) and was well acquainted with many blacks. Some friends, some not. For the most part I got the impression that they felt they were perpetual victims due reparations, and looked at me as though it was my fault. In Mexico, I am very comfortable around browns. I get the feeling they do not blame me for anything historical, although they probably have more cause to do so.
    As you might expect there is a large community of blacks at the port of Veracruz. These folks are very dark-skinned indicating a common tribe that remains its continuity of ancestry still.


    1. Carlos: I don’t recall that reparations nonsense being much of a thing before the last, say, decade or two. It’s a silliness dreamed up by the race hucksters. It’s the same sort of nonsense as the western United States rightfully being Mexican, and that it should be handed back. Actually, giving away California and much of Oregon and Washington State (the coastal side) might be a great idea. I vote for it.


      1. Did I ever tell you my 3-part solution to illegal Mexican immigration? 1. Cede the SW to Mexico, 2. Make Mexico the 51st state, and 3. Support and build the Mexican economy to where they won’t want to go to the U.S., but not so much that we have a flood of gringos to Mexico. I am pulling for number one.


        1. Carlos: I don’t recall your ever mentioning that, no. However, I see a yuge problem with your plan. It would add millions more Democrat voters to the population. A fatal flaw. Can’t have it.


          1. Yea, I know, but look how many plan 1 would get rid of. And if we could just work Chicago and Detroit into the deal, perfecto!


  3. Your post makes me wonder if there are African-Mexicans?

    I refuse to use the term “African-American” unless the person is a first-generation immigrant.


    1. Ray: There are some blacks on coastal areas. This would be a result of slave days one way or the other, just as American blacks are a result of that. So they would be African-Mexicans in the same sense that American blacks are referred to as African-American.

      I too never use the term African-American. American blacks are no more African than I am European, which is to say not at all. If you were to drop the great majority of American blacks into, say, Kenya, they would feel quite alienated, and would want to return to the United States very quickly.

      If you pay attention on TV, etc., you rarely hear blacks referring to themselves or other blacks as African-American. It’s usually white people who do that. Blacks, more often than not, refer to themselves as blacks, period.

      When I worked on the Houston newspaper, one of the reporters, a white, blond fellow, was an immigrant from South Africa. He had become a U.S. citizen, making him a bona fide African-American! Funny, huh?


  4. I occasionally refer to myself as “European American.” Seems only fair, and at least my parents are actually from Europe.


    Kim G
    San José, CA
    Where Safeway’s computers don’t run for a spell right around midnight.


    1. Kim: Your parents were born in Europe? I didn’t know that.

      As for African-American, my mother told me years ago that she was watching a TV interview of some black guy, and the interviewer brought up this matter of the African-American label. The black guy said: Aw, we’re just messing with you.

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