The curtain falls

A stunning – and stunningly disturbing – event took place this past weekend.  But unless you were scouring the news very carefully, chances are you didn’t even hear of it.

The annual Bravalla Festival, one of the most popular summer music concerts in Sweden, was abruptly canceled.  There will be no festival next year.

Or ever.

Given that tens of thousands of tickets were sold, the problem was not attendance.  Nor was there any difficulty booking big-name rap and rock stars.  No, this festival was canceled because of something far more ominous – Bravalla has become synonymous with rape and sexual assault.

Festival officials, as they announced the end of Bravalla, complained that “certain men” don’t know how to behave.  You might wonder if those “certain men” are strapping blonde Swedes with names like Erik, Viktor, and Gustav.

But in fact, the assailants are allegedly immigrants from the Middle East, North Africa, and other predominantly Muslim areas of the world.

One year ago the Bravalla Festival gained a measure of infamy when police reported five rapes and a dozen cases of molestation.  The story got minor coverage in some media outlets, including the New York Times, which described the assailants as “foreigners” and “refugees.”

Predictably, the Times also warned of a “far-right” backlash.

This year the situation was even more sickening, with four reported rapes and 23 instances of sexual assault.  And the Times?  The “paper of record” chose to run a brief Associated Press dispatch noting that the festival has been shut down.

Nowhere was there any mention that Muslim immigrants were the likely perps.

Sweden, like many European socialist paradises, has been in a state of deep denial about its refugee crisis.  If you believe authorities and tourism officials, immigrants are fitting in quite nicely in the world’s most liberal nation.

But what about those rumors of “no-go zones,” where crime is rampant and where police fear to tread?  Well, we’re assured that’s just “fake news” perpetrated by anti-immigrant groups.

But earlier this year a courageous British reporter named Katie Hopkins decided to take a look for herself.  She ventured into some of Sweden’s imaginary “no-go zones” and spoke with women who are absolutely terrified of going out alone, day or night.

They know that crossing onto the wrong street in some cities is an invitation to harassment, assault, even rape.

These women are also afraid of feminists and liberals, who accuse them of being racists if they speak the truth.  Hopkins wrote this about one woman she met in Stockholm:  “The migrant men scare her.  But it is the Swedish women who have silenced her.”

Bravalla is not the only music festival where women are in jeopardy.  There were dozens of rapes and assaults at another concert a few years ago, allegedly committed by young Afghan men who had been embraced by Sweden’s outstretched arms.

And of course it’s not just Sweden.  In Germany, New Year’s Eve of 2016 was marred by sexual assaults and rapes in many cities.  Police reported that more than 1,000 women were victimized by hordes of young men.

Again, the perps weren’t Wolfgang, Hans, und Dieter.  They were described by the women as men of “Arab or North African appearance.”

Governments in Europe and a compliant media do their best to ignore the unending and escalating threat of violence.  It simply does not fit the liberal narrative, which dictates that all cultures and all religions are pretty much the same.  But reality has a very harsh way of prevailing over fantasy.

Sweden has the highest rate of immigration in Europe, having taken in tens of thousands of refugees from Syria, Somalia, and elsewhere.  So you can think of the country as the canary in the coal mine.  That proverbial canary is now gasping for air as European bureaucrats turn a blind eye.

Most Swedes still embrace their reputation for tolerance and liberalism.  Many even seem quite willing to sacrifice a music festival or two if that’s what it takes to display their virtue.

And they willingly pay exorbitant taxes to subsidize refugees who despise Sweden’s libertine culture and sexual permissiveness.

Let’s put it this way:  The world’s most tolerant people are inviting the world’s most intolerant people into their nation and their cities.  The Swedes believe it’s a noble experiment.  But whether noble or foolish, it is an experiment doomed to fail.

The Bravalla Music Festival was just one casualty.  There will be many more.  Ironically, the festival urged fans to “choke hatred and violence and let the music win.”  Well, hatred and violence won and the music lost.

In the process, another small part of Europe has vanished, thanks to cowardly ideologues who so desperately cling to their open-border, one-world fantasies.  A once-great continent and its cultures are slowly dying.  To be more accurate, they are committing suicide.

* * * *

(The above was written by former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly. His excellent website is here.)

17 thoughts on “The curtain falls

  1. Sweden’s honorable notions are sorely misguided. Which North African/Arab/Islamic male doesn’t want to conquer a blonde, blue-eyed woman? I believe Sweden has “open” prisons so prisoners aren’t punished, only separated from society in lush conditions.


    1. Carole: The basic problem with the entire leftist mindset is that it (usually) consists of honorable notions that are entirely out of sync with reality. It is a naive world view usually held, but not always, by people who know little or nothing of history and/or human nature.

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  2. Pope Francis is doing his best to shame Europeans into accepting the humiliation of the Islamic invasion. Just bend over, please.

    “The danger concerns immigration. Our main and unfortunately growing problem in the world today is that of the poor, the weak, the excluded, which includes migrants,” Pope Francis said, pointing to countries which “fear an invasion of migrants.” “This is why the G20 worries me: It mainly hits immigrants,” he said.

    Concerning Europe, the “richest continent in the whole world” which has faced an influx of millions of migrants and refugees since 2015, the pope warned its leaders not to fall prey to the illusion that it is possible to seal its borders.


  3. There have been so many people who have gone, with cameras, into these Swedish no-go zones that their existence should be fairly uncontroversial at this point. Alas, for the deniers in the media and elsewhere, it’s far from it.

    Even before the migrant crisis in Europe, there were stirrings of these problems elsewhere in Europe. Some time in 2006 or 2007 I went with a European colleague to tour supermarkets around Paris. A broker had arranged for us to be driven around in a big black Mercedes. At one supermarket in an iffy suburb of Pars we attracted a lot of hostile stares from what appeared to be North African immigrants, and finally had to beat a hasty retreat. Nothing happened to us, but we really didn’t want to stick around either as the hostility was clearly evident.

    The sad part of all of this is that even if the political will could be found to admit and confront the problem, it’s would be VERY difficult to solve. Under current governing structures, there will be no expulsion of Muslims or immigrants from Sweden or any other liberal democracy. This truly was a one-way decision, and now it must be tolerated.

    Sad indeed.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA

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    1. Kim: Many of the European governments are now run by nincompoops. There are some exceptions, especially in Central Europe. The smart Poles, for example. I’ll never utter another Polack joke in my life.

      Well, perhaps not.


  4. People can only take so much. It is only a matter of time until someone says “Light the ovens.” Just who goes into them is yet to be determined.


    1. Señor Gill: If history teaches anything it teaches that “lighting the ovens” is an ongoing element of the centuries. It’s not always ovens, of course, but let’s call it that. In truth, lighting the ovens comes in many bloody guises. Always has, always will.

      And I am glad I live in a nation that has a Mohammedan population somewhere around 0.001 percent. Pray that it stays that way. Mexico is not as stupid as some other nations.

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  5. Yes, Saint Bartholomew’s massacre, the extinction of the knightsTemplars, the pogroms of Eastern Europe, the Turkish killing of the Armenians, the horrible shoah, the insane genocide of Cambodia and Ruwanda leads me to distrust governments that think they know more than the people.
    There is a time when it is best to run, run like there is no tomorrow. Hear that White folks in South Africa!

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  6. I wonder how long it will be before the Swedes will be having a preponderance of falafel meatballs storefronts replacing Swedish meatballs. Sad that the Swedes don’t have the correct balls to handle the problem.
    I don’t see the Pope opening up his walls to these people. Perhaps he can show an example for others to follow. He has has hands full with a couple of other sexual issues that have been exposed. Gotta sit back and laugh.


    1. Tancho: We can laugh because we live in a country that’s not nutty enough to open its doors to Mohammedans. Actually, laughing isn’t the best response because a powerful Mohammedan influence in Western Europe means bad stuff for the world in general. It ain’t a laughing matter.

      And, of course, London has a Mohammedan mayor. Pathetic. Idiotic. The adjectives overwhelm me. The stupidity of political correctness.


      1. I was very proud of our police chief this week after an SAPD officer’s funeral. The officer was shot dead by a scumbag running away from being questioned about car break-ins which were being investigated by street patrol. Chief said something to the effect that he was tired of being politically correct when it came to cop-hating criminals who spew their stupidity in words or with deadly weapons. He said they police department was professional and would protect even those demonstrating that behavior as well as all citizens in general. He was tired of the violence against police, this being the second such funeral in seven months here in his city. Officers on duty are at risk on every single call from the strangers whom they are sworn to protect.

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        1. Carole: Black Lives Matter consists of bad people who should all be deported to Cuba or Zambia. They would change their miserable, ignorant tunes real fast.


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