(Warning: the following post is not advisable for Mennonites, evangelical Christians or 8-year-old children.)

AFTER A HARD day of work, we customarily spend evenings quietly at home sprawled in recliners before the Samsung Smart TV, eating salads and watching something on Netflix.

We are often appalled at what we see.

It is no secret that American universities have become indoctrination centers for raging leftists, that movies coming out of Hollywood relentlessly push political correctness, but television is another matter because any 8-year-old can turn it on and stand slack-jawed before the screen.

What he sees is a combination of lies and deviancies.

* * * *

First, the lies!

Most current series give the impression that many, if not the majority, of romantic relationships and marriages are interracial. This, of course, is arrant nonsense.

Most couples, the world over, are the same race. The exceptions are a minuscule minority. This fact, however, conflicts with the left’s idolizing of diversity and multiculturalism.

So a large percentage of television dramas is a form of reeducation camp that any 8-year-old child can flip on at will while mama’s in the kitchen washing  the dishes.

We just started the second season of Secrets and Lies, a pretty good ABC series starring the normally scenery-chewing Juliette Lewis as a deadpan police detective.

The story line revolves around a rich family where the father is white and his adult kids are black. In the first show, mother is mentioned but not seen just yet. She’ll have to be black for this family to even be genetically feasible.

This is not rare. The script gymnastics the television industry puts itself through to “diversify” families is laughable. Multiracial and multicultural families on television far exceed their numbers in the real world. It is inaccurate and silly.

It is political.

* * * *

Now, the deviancy!

According to the television industry, homosexuals are everywhere. Every family either has gay members or knows numerous gay couples. Yeah, sure.

Modern Family is a great example. A gay couple belongs to the family, a gay couple who’ve adopted an Asian child (hitting the multicultural drum). There’s also an Old White Man married to a young, hot Latina.* Modern Family pours it on.

It’s another ABC show.

Not even the president of the United States is immune. In the series House of Cards the president occasionally gets it on with a guy. It’s a good series, but does the president really have to be a switch-hitter? An unnecessary script element.

Blatant indoctrination, Ho Chi Minh-style.

What percentage of humanity is actually gay? Hard to say. A Washington Post story cites a poll that indicates it’s about 1.6 percent. Gallup, on the other hand, tells you it’s about 3.8 percent. I’ve never seen a number higher than that.

Taking these figures as two extremes, that means the number of people who are neither gay nor lesbian range between 98.4 percent to 96.2 percent. Dang near everyone.

This is, in political terms, a landslide for straights, something you’d never know from watching television dramas where gays are as common as the lovable aunt and the cute pooch.

And they’re always kissing. They kiss far more than the straight couples. Kiss, kiss, kiss!

Not surprisingly, most Americans now think homosexuals are considerably more numerous than they are.

This is propaganda in action.

Gallup reports too that the U.S. public believes gays make up almost a quarter of the population! The television industry/reeducation camps are stunningly effective.

Again, this is all political.

Let us continue with the gay theme. First, I chose the word deviancy over perversion intentionally. Perversion is a value judgment. Deviancy simply means outside the norm.

One may or may not consider homosexuality a perversion. However, its being outside the norm is indisputable.

I don’t give a hoot if someone is gay. And I do not believe it’s a choice any more than my being straight is a choice.

We are what we are.

Back to the television industry. It is not content to simply insist that gays are everywhere. Increasingly, it wants to show us precisely what gays do in the privacy of their homes.

It’s way overboard.

* * * *

Barebacking and strap-ons!

Just recently we were watching a fun series called Penny Dreadful starring, among others, the stunning and yummy Eva Green.

Then one evening, there it was, anal, homosexual sex in a graphic manner that once was reserved for sticky-floored movie houses frequented by men in brown overcoats.

It was totally gratuitous, deviant sex that, once again, is available to any 8-year-old who turns on the television.

Are the people who make this out of their minds? No, they simply want you to get on board with this diversity thing.

It is political.

Let us move on now. A couple of weeks ago, we began a new series, but never got further than the first show. We were stopped dead in our proverbial tracks by lesbian love!

Two lovely lesbians going at it (one black, one white!) with vigor on the bed. They finish and the topmost disconnects and tosses an oily, strap-on penis to the floor. Ker-plop!

Camera lingers on firm, rubber penis.

This isn’t pay-for-view. It’s regular, commercial television.

I don’t care if people do this stuff. Power to them. But do it at home. If you want to film, do so and sell it to adults. Bring back the dingy theaters. Don’t make it available to 8-year-olds.

But, it’s political, and you know which side is doing it.

It ain’t my side. We have standards.

* * * *

* This sounds sort of familiar. Not sure why,

42 thoughts on “PC TV

      1. I’ll try again, Felipe. Sorry for being snarky.

        I think what you argue is that certain values are being inculcated on the general population by liberal cabals in Hollywood or wherever that offend your view of “reality.” Should the number of gay characters on TV be calibrated to approximate the percentage of gay people in the population?

        You’d want TV to be “cleaned up” of things that bother you, for example, lesbians making love (not my cup of tea though I understand a lot of straight guys really get turned on by it). Or that there are too many lesbian, interracial or gay scenes to suit your perception of the true prevalence of such things in nature.

        But what’s the alternative, to bring back Ozzie and Harriet, when everyone and everything on TV was white, straight and married couples slept on separate beds? Who is going to decide what or how much?

        As a part-time libertarian, I opt for the Power of the Remote. For example, neither Stew nor I like blood and gore. The minute we see bloodied zombies or disemboweled bodies, we switch channels.

        We tried to watch the much-ballyhooed Transformer, about a transgender guy. Guess what? Watched two shows and that was it. Too much foul language and crapola.

        We also dislike sappy, goody-goody shows like Everwood, which seemed to be Leave it to Beaver, the Sequel. So we switched channels.

        Bill Maher and Sean Hannity both get on our nerves with jeremiads. So we don’t watch them.

        And on it goes. The irony of all this is that despite protests against “offensive” shows, the ratings indicate that people out there like them.

        Check the batteries in your remote and explore other channels. We’re big fans of PBS, and send them money, for shows like “Nature” and “Nova” and “Discovery”.


        1. Señor Lanier: If your first comment was an example of your snarkiness, you gotta do much better. I can outsnark you in a nanosecond. I prefer not to, however. I got standards.

          My point in a nutshell, more or less: Gays are a minuscule proportion of the population. TV dramas usually claim the opposite. Multiracial couples are a minuscule proportion of the population. TV dramas would have you think it’s common. I oppose the pushing of multiculturalism. History shows clearly that multicultural societies are prone to violence and bloodshed. What’s going on now in the U.S. is a pretty good example.

          And last but not least, anal sex and strap-on penises should not be readily available to 8-year-olds with a TV remote while their parents are at the shopping mall.


  1. I have to admit that I watch TV more than I should, but my eyes give way to my desired reading material, so I default to the TV, and by watching networks from the U.S.

    What I have noticed the last couple of years, commercials little by little are shoving down slanted snapshots of “perfect life.” For example, a commercial that I saw the other day of what used to be a large Italian family sitting down to a Sunday meal, including pasta and lively family conversation, is now replaced with a commercial where an unseen mom makes a bowl of pasta and serves it to two children, one blond as a Nordic goddess and the other a curly haired black child. The voice-over then reinforces that all families love their dinners when BadaBing brand of pasta is served.

    More and more commercials and TV shows do this, as you mention, making it appear perfectly normal in our society to have such integration when in reality that is far from truth. There will be a lot of disappointment when the 13-year-old boy discovers that not every family is comprised of gays, lesbians, two or three black cousins and a uncle who doesn’t abuse the family dog.

    I don’t mind the influx of various ethnicities in commercials because indeed the U.S. is a melting pot, but it is not the exaggerated mix of all the varieties that are really not the honest mix of subjects out there in la-la land. It seems that all this political diversity is force-fed to us, exactly like they do to the ducks when they do the foie gras feeding, by jamming it down your gullet.

    Here the impressionable kids have no option but to think that humping with various genders and objects is perfectly okay. I personally would like to see a little more restraint on the morals department … an everything-goes attitude, in my opinion, is hurting the structure of families which is the only thread we have to keeping some semblance of society together.

    And, yes, Hollywood is to blame, big time.

    Thanks for the soapbox rental.

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    1. Tancho: No cash required to use the Moon soapbox. For you, free of charge. As for the overboard use of multicultural families on TV, it’s downright silly and absolutely untrue. Re-education camp in another form.


  2. This is several of the reasons that I rarely go to the movies or watch television. And I used to be a big movie fan.


    1. Señor Mystic: Actually, television dramas have improved to an incredible extent. A year or so back, I read a column is some “intellectual” mag in which the writer claimed that many television dramas these days often approach high literature. And he was right. Alas, there are also these issues I’m mentioning in the post.


  3. I agree with you completely, and it’s comforting to know there are others who are appalled with the new world order. I’m afraid it’s just the beginning. So sad.


    1. Gregorio: It’s been going on now for quite a spell. While I am sure the majority of the U.S. population agrees with you and me, the lefties have the reins in education and entertainment. Those are very powerful reins to hold. So sad is right.


      1. While I think there may be some element of indoctrination, people must want to watch this stuff. Otherwise it’d get low ratings and be canceled. This too, (in addition to my other comment) you are overlooking.


  4. Only docs about natural environment, real cop shows, decent animated shows (love the Despicable Me movies) and local news. Also like Below Deck reality series .


    1. Carole: I’m betting you never encounter strap-on penises with that sort of entertainment. Alas, 8-year-olds do not live in your home. They’re all over the place elsewhere, and unsupervised, which is another problem.


    1. Beverly: Not necessary to you or to me, but clearly necessary to the nincompoops running the entertainment industry. They do have an agenda, and it is re-education, plain and simple. Multiculturalism and diversity are their goals. All “minorities” are to get a leg up. This does not just include racial minorities (black and Latino in the U.S.) but religious minorities (especially Mohammedans) and sexual minorities, of course, big-time. Thus the effort to paint paint gays as normal and numerous. Stir into all of this the fact that the entertainment industry is, to a great degree, full of degenerates of one stripe of another. This leads them to the strap-on penis scenes. It goes on and on, and it’s going downhill, not up.

      At least in one way, I am glad I have no grandkids, and never will have.


  5. Your points are valid. You are not in the minority either. Traditional TV is on its deathbed. I heard a claim that there are now more NETFLIX subscribers than cable subscribers. I haven’t fact-checked that, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Almost everything we watch is on Amazon Prime or Netflix — and we have dropped many a show a few minutes into the first episode. As for me. I haven’t watched a show on network television in several years. I do like some shows on cable (“Breaking Bad” and its prequel “Better Call Saul” come to mind) but that’s about it.

    I also believe that there is a definite political agenda.

    But…the point made in a previous comment is also true. The free market works. If enough people pick up the remote and “cut it off” things will change. Ask ESPN. Their constant liberal harpings (we want to see SPORTS dammit) have resulted in a massive loss of revenue and corresponding layoffs.


    1. Ray: Alas, many of the offerings on Netflix come from “commercial” TV. Two of the shows I mentioned are from ABC. Plus, Netflix is making its own shows now, and they are doing the same thing. House of Cards is a Netflix production, 100 percent. And Netflix is just as available to children holding a remote as is any drivel from ABC and its ilk.

      The problem is not any particular channel. It’s the entertainment business in general.


  6. You know, boring and unattractive people leading humdrum, repetitive lives are the norm. But would that sell TV shows? Or, more specifically, appeal to advertisers? I don’t think so.

    If TV reflected reality, why the heck would anyone watch it? There’s plenty of reality going on 24/7. No need to sit down and tune in. Even so-called “reality shows” have absolutely nothing in common with reality. TV isn’t meant to reflect reality.

    Your plea to have TV be just as boring as quotidian life itself is going to go exactly nowhere.

    The fact that TV is full of gays and interracial couples means that those of us who belong to those groups are actually far more fascinating than the boring normal people. You should be thrilled that we are no longer living secret lives, or your TV viewing would be boring beyond belief.

    As for the eight year olds, no need to worry. They are all watching YouTube. Only old folks watch TV any more.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we still barely watch any TV.

    P.S. Your own life seems to be full of both gay people and interracial couples. Are you so sure that’s not the new norm?


    1. Kim: You and my other gay follower above (maybe there are more, but they’re in the Moon closet) are too personally involved with this issue to be able to see it objectively. I understand that. And I send you a cyberhug!

      On a more general theme, I wouldn’t say my life is full of gay people and interracial couples. I do connect with some of the former, plus my Gringo family, what little is left of them, has long been a bag of lesbians for the most part. I prefer the male versions of you raging deviants. You’re usually far nicer. As for my own marriage, I’d say it’s intercultural, not interracial, but she does sport a nice brown tone on her.


      1. “Hispanic” is an official race, with its own box on many gov’t forms. And all your gay readers are parts (or were parts) of interracial relationships too.


        1. Kim: How ridiculous. Hispanic is no race. There are black, brown, white and, if you look far enough I imagine you can find “yellow” Hispanics. It has absolutely squat to do with race. It is an ethnic classification based on culture, language and religion, even though there are Hispanics who are not Catholic. Most are. So, just as the PC people apparently have convinced the U.S. public that gays are a quarter of the population, they have convinced them that Hispanic is a race. Makes sense because the PC people are obsessed with “race.” As for my two known gay readers being currently or in the past parts of interracial relationships, while I don’t know all about the mischief you’ve been involved with, the other fellow is out of a French family, if I understand correctly, that landed a spell in Cuba. He’s a white guy, and so is his long-term better half. I guess we ought not to be talking about him while he’s out of the room, eh?

          No matter. I symbolically embrace all my gay amiguitos.


              1. Charles is the 60-something Gringo who has a 20-something Mexican husband. They live in Guadalajara. Charles has left many a comment here in the past.


  7. I agree with all of your above comments but have you also noticed the TV commercials almost always show a black person or child in them now. But they almost never show a Hispanic, even though Hispanics comprise more than half again the population of blacks in the U.S.. (18% vs 12%)

    I also have a child Mexican bride and she watches mostly Mexican cable channels where this discrepancy does not appear except in U.S. ads. However, as mentioned by another poster above, we also both prefer reading books to watching TV.


    1. Señor Ladrillo: I too have noticed this discrepancy in the PC parade. I guess they figure that if you include black people, and Lord knows they do that, it serves somehow to fill the quota for brown people too. Brown people are just “colored people” who are less “colored” perhaps? It’s not like PC people make any real sense, not that they’re rocket scientists. I congratulate you for snaring a Mexican child bride. And thanks for the feedback. Feel free, always.


      1. It couldn’t possibly have to do with selling stuff to black people too, could it? Maybe if their aren’t enough blacks in TV commercials, then blacks don’t buy the product. That’s not exactly indoctrination.


  8. Felipe,

    Excellent post! You hit on a lot of my hot buttons. How about we also talk about another huge blown-out-of-proportion issue up here NOB; transgender use of bathrooms.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why everyone isn’t rebelling against all of the accommodations being made to make sure 0.01% of the population gets to choose which bathroom they feel more comfortable in. What about the comfort of the 99.99% of the population?

    Perhaps over time we should just migrate 100% to unisex bathrooms. No more urinals, just stalls.


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    1. The fixation on bathrooms stems from the fact that politicians can’t solve actual, material problems like budgets, crumbling infrastructure, and poor schools. So much easier to win reelection on the “appropriate” stand on the ever-critical bathroom issue.

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    2. Troy: The bathroom baloney is straight out of the PC Bible/Playbook. Verse 7, I believe it is, says that everyone must be treated exactly the same in all situations no matter how stupid it is.

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      1. Felipe,

        While in the service I had the opportunity to visit Japan. Unisex bathrooms have existed there for years. I believe it is common in other countries as well. I was a little surprised the first time I walked into one. A Japanese lady and her small child were right behind me. I was embarrassed, they were not. It definitely would take a bit of getting used to.



    1. Don Cuevas: Unisex johns are common here. They are invariably small, and only one person can enter at a time. This one you cite isn’t unisex in my book. There is a men’s john, and a women’s john, and they share a common sink. The common sink is usually outside or partially so. This one seems to be inside an enclosed room that abuts the men’s and women’s separate johns.

      In short, I don’t see this as a unisex john at all. In the eye of the beholder, I guess.


  9. A few years back my Mexican child bride walked into a public restroom in Germany or Austria only to find a man using the urinal. Startled, she turned around to walk out, but the man stated that “yes, this was the right restroom”. She hurriedly turned and walked out and we looked for another, less PC, restroom. It is another culture over there. And in China, we found that many men don’t even bother to use a “restroom”. They just water the scenery no matter who’s around them!


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