The horrid president

GOOD LORD! Just hear the endless racism, misogyny, jingoism, bigotry and religious intolerance that spews from this orange-coifed guy’s mouth! It just turns my tummy.

And that wife! Can she even speak English?

And the dreadful things he’s done in his first six months! Here’s a list, but brace yourself. Awful, awful, awful.

The election of 2020 can’t come too soon. We’ll be able to install the Pocahontas princess in the Oval Office, and everything will be peachy again, just like with Obama.

* * * *

(Note: I’m posting the list as a public service because I doubt you’ll see it on Huffpost. I cannot imagine why.)

8 thoughts on “The horrid president

  1. You said the other day that the USA went to hell when you left. Perhaps it’s all your fault. Maybe if you move back to North of the Rio Bravo, the situation would turn around for us po’ folk here.


    1. Eric: While my departure, lo these many years ago, likely played a major role in the collapse of U.S. culture and society, there’s no way on God’s Green Earth that I will return. In short, you people are on your own.

      Remember what Patrick Henry said at the Second Virginia Convention. Take it to heart.


  2. Shaping up the communications arm of the White House. Glad to see Sarah as new press person.


  3. I may not like everything that comes out of his mouth, but it is nice to see the shakeup and off-balance he is creating in D.C.

    Turn that place over, and start over until some real changes occur.

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  4. But the Russians! Don’t you know that he’s simply a tool of the Russians?!?! About two thousand New York Times headlines and articles prove it. Isn’t that enough? Even many members of Congress believe it. It surely must be true, then!

    That’s why he has proposed a $50 billion increase in the US defense budget. Putin told him that he wanted more missiles pointed at Russia so he’d have an excuse to remain dictator forever more. Can’t you see this?

    Honestly, it’s the end of times for the USA. Next thing you know, school kids will have a choice between borscht and borscht for lunch.

    You’ve got to take this seriously. Please.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we have taken to drinking vodka just so as not to be regarded as a bad comrade.


    1. Kim: That Russian baloney has gotten so absolutely silly. Grasping at straws doesn’t even begin to touch it. Not to mention that fact that Russia would have far preferred Hillary in the Oval Office.

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