Night blooms

WALKING INTO the dining room/kitchen last night shortly before 10, as the clock on the wall clearly indicates, I saw this, and decided to take a photograph.

It’s not a very sharp photograph because, contrary to the camera’s shrill advice, I did not use the flash, just the light hanging from the ceiling, which is not visible here.

Let’s call it a mood piece.

My child bride had turned in quite early — she was in bed with her Kindle — but I was still rambling around.

Two items of note: The wicker backs of the chairs were done years ago by my wife. They’ve held up pretty well. The second thing is the orchid on the table. It was left, already blooming, in our Downtown Casita in February by Steve Cotton.

Five  months later, it’s still in bloom. Amazing.


8 thoughts on “Night blooms

  1. Over the years I have come to think of Felipe’s Castle as the Hearst Castle of Michoacan on a smaller budget. For my taste, however, there is too much kitsch in the kitchen.

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    1. David: We have something in common. As I was stepping into the area, before thinking of taking the photo, I was headed to my nightly small bowl of cereal. It takes the edge off. Thanks for the feedback, so to speak.


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