See Andraya run!

AND SEE the real girls trailing behind!

Just another — although a spectacular one — example of EP (Equality People) lunacy in America today. And all the people who think positively about this vote the Democrat Party.

Well, if they vote at all. They sure don’t vote GOP.

By the way, Andraya is an actual guy, not a transsexual. See his little teenage mustache?

He’s just identifyin’. Ya know whut I mean?

13 thoughts on “See Andraya run!

  1. Mercy they cried and there was no mercy.
    Is there a logical end to this lunacy?
    We have such a boring, meaningless existence that we decide to put up with this crap?

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    1. Ricardo: I’m guessing that’s a quote from somewhere. One of my favorite phrases of Whittle’s is “barking mad,” and he isn’t talking about angry mad.


  2. Also note that in the El Tour de Tucson, a big bicycle race in Tucson, Arizona, held every year, a man won the women’s division because he also “identified” as a woman. It is madness.


    1. Pablo: Barking mad, as Whittle so wonderfully states it. There was good news this morning, however. Trump has reversed Weepy Barry’s rule change, in the waning days of his lamentable administration, to allow transsexuals in the military.

      Now he just needs to get women out of the Army and Marine Corps infantry altogether. Women are best qualified for other types of positions, those that require more brains than brawn.


  3. And sort of the opposite of this case, here in Texas we have a girl who is becoming a “boy” by taking testosterone shots. He/she recently competed in and won the Girls State Wrestling Championship because on his/her birth certificate she is still a girl. That’s the rule. So last year he, or I mean she, won 56 matches and lost none. Even though athletes are not supposed to take performance enhancing drugs, in this case it’s OK because of the “medically transitioning to a boy” thing. Wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings either.


    1. Paul: In the Texas case, in effect, she’s taking the equivalent of steroids. No wonder she’s winning. Andraya didn’t have to take testosterone because he’s already a guy. One of the many pathetic aspects to this whole loony phenomenon is that transsexuals make up a minuscule percentage of the population, a minuscule that is running roughshod over everyone else.

      I read a news story this morning. Seems the suicide rate among transsexuals is sky-high, around 45 percent! These are very troubled people.


  4. I guess ultimately, to be fair, they will have to combine men’s/women’s/whomever’s, into one sports classification, would be the only fair way since these nut cases want to screw things up.

    I never thought I would see this kind of crazy things happening, but this is probably just the beginning. Lots of people with too much time on their hands while having mental identity problems. Pretty soon someone will demand, wanting to being considered a rock.


    1. Tancho: True. Who in their wildest imagination would have come up with this sort of lunacy? And yet people every day put it forth as reasonable and “fair.”


  5. Forget identifying oneself as boy, girl, male, female, rock, dog, or whatever. I want to identify myself as a Mexican. All my life I’ve hung out with Mexicans, ate Mexican food, partied with Mexicans, etc. Heck, I even married one. So I think tomorrow I’m going down to the INM office and request the proper paperwork identifying myself as one. Besides, I want to be able to vote in next year’s election. I’m sure they’ll understand.


    1. Pablo: One of the many sweet things about being Mexican is that we don’t embrace this PC stuff, and that includes indentifyin’. If you want to be a Mexican you must do what I did. Apply and wait. There is no short cut. It’s worth the effort. Having a Mexican wife gives you a leg up.

      As for the identifyin’ Gringos, here’s what I sincerely want them all to do. Identify as a bald eagle. Go to a high cliff. Take off!


  6. Don’tcha know about becoming a Mexican the hard way like you did. Over time, I’ve gotten to be on a first name basis with the lady doing the paper work in the INM office in Nogales. And yes, having a Mexican child bride really helps.


    1. Pablo: Becoming a bona fide Mexican was a piece of cake for me. There was a window of opportunity between about 2001 and 2006 when getting citizenship required little more than simply asking for it. When I applied in 2005, it was no more complicated than the annual renewal of the resident visa.

      From what I read, there’s a good bit more to it these days. And, like everything down here, it depends on the individual office you’re standing in. They often make up rules as they go.


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