Damnable fruit

Green peaches muscling up. This is just one of many sagging branches.

MY CHILD BRIDE and I agree on lots of stuff, but the damnable fruit trees are not in that category.

She loves them. Were I living here solo I would uproot them all. Why? I’m not much of a fruit eater, and these trees, which were here when we purchased the property, toss their wares on the grass en masse, and there they rot.

And who has to clean it up? It ain’t her.

The peach tree, first photo, is unpredictable. Sometimes its bounty is beyond belief. Other years it does very little. Alas, this year is one of the bountifuls.

Pears, not quite so abundant but bigger. And the tree is very tall.

And then there is the pear, the second photo. Its output is always the same, too bountiful for my tastes, but certainly less than the peach. By the way, I’m a Georgia-born boy, and I know peaches. These Mexican peaches are sorry versions.

Throughout the summer, every day I go out and scoop up fruit from the grass, most of which have been pecked by birds or gnawed by God knows what beasts roam by night.

It is not an enviable chore.

I add this last photo, the red-hot pokers, because I love them, and I want to end on a positive note. They offer beauty instead of bother, and that’s what you want in life, especially as you age.

And it’s also why I have a Mexican child bride.

Beauty, not bother. Except for “her” fruit trees.

Red hot pokers. Pretty and peaceful. A summer blessing.

9 thoughts on “Damnable fruit

  1. You are a wise man. Always end on a positive note.
    Get a cat. Teach the cat to love to eat fruit. Get a mouse or two. They will already eat anything. The mice will breed like mice. The cat will find other cats and breed like mice. First thing you know you will need to plant more fruit trees. Your wife will love it and you will have no fruit to clean up.

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  2. Love the Red Hot Pokers! Always have! I guess we have the same tastes in gardening and in women, Señor Felipe!


  3. Have tried to grow those red hot pokers here but they don’t even want to germinate. As far as those “peaches”, what are they called in Spanish?
    “Nisperos”? They look unnatural bunched up in the tree. Maybe some sort of GMO experiment gone nuts. Stay away from those things. However, I’m looking for “guanábanas” which are delicious (we had guanábana ice cream a couple of nights ago) but no one sells them in town.


    1. Señor Lanier: We got our pokers from a small section of plant with roots a good many years ago. Find someone who has it, and ask for a piece. Gotta have roots, of course. And the green part up top. Does not take much, and it takes off big-time.

      I cannot believe you’re asking me how to say peach in Spanish. Isn’t your first language Spanish? I know you left Cuba quite young. Have you forgotten it? Peach is durazno. Nisperos are lowquats. We also have a freaking nispero tree that tosses fruit willy-nilly on the ground too and, of course, my wife loves the thing.

      I just can’t get a break.


      1. i believe “melocoton” is the more common word in cuban spanish-yes , there are some differences. we say manis for peanuts, never heard the word cacahuate till i went to mexico.

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