Blue = red

This is no joke. Equal sign. Get it?

WHAT A coincidence! It was just a few days ago that I wrote about Equality People, a term I invented. I’ve even placed a definition in the right-side column here for your convenience.

And now I’ve discovered they actually have a flag. That’s it above, and it’s no joke. This has apparently replaced the EP’s old flag, the red one with the hammer and sickle.

This is a logical development because their old flag has become laden with baggage over the decades, what with Stalin, Mao and Fidel.

And millions murdered.

Time for a fresh flag.

Makes sense they would dump red, that now being the color of conservative states where live hillbillies, rednecks, Nazis, Pentecostals and people who wed their cousins.

Blue is soothing, and it seems to be the default color online for websites and whatnot.

They want you to be soothed. Snoring is even better.

Karl Marx must be smiling.

* * * *

(Note: Here’s the Thursday news story that alerted me to the new socialist banner. Who knew?)

9 thoughts on “Blue = red

  1. Comrade: Unlike your normally calm and finely reasoned posts, this one is a dud. I believe that flag originally came from the Human Rights Campaign and I doubt the gay designer who came up with it was thinking about Karl Marx. A sticker of it is on the rear window of our truck. We’re not thinking of Karl either, or Fidel or Josef.




    1. Señor Lanier: Just discovered your comment in the trash folder. Apologies. I did not do it.

      I do not know the origin of this bold, blue banner of the EP. It was new to me when I saw it last Thursday being waved against Trump’s sensible reinstating of the ban on transsexuals (i.e. mentally ill) in the military. As for its being designed by a gay guy, I fail to see the relevance of that. I cannot help but note that a significant quantity of top Nazis in the Third Reich were queens. Flaming or not, I don’t know. I even know (one personally) of gays who voted for Trump, God bless ’em.

      A EP flag on your truck?! Lordy.


  2. In China, one rarely sees a Red Chinese flag flying anywhere except on government buildings. I’ve never seen one flying from a house or business like in the U.S. or Mexico. That probably tells a tale of how proud or enamored the citizens are of their country. Didn’t see any on the back of trucks or cars either.


    1. Pablo: China, of course, is communist in name only and, increasingly, not even that. The government tries to keep a Red face on while embracing capitalism with a vengeance, which is why China manufactures almost everything we buy these days.

      Communism does not work. And Equality does not work either. The line between those philosophies is thin.

      I think it’s cute they’ve come up with a new flag, don’t you?


      1. It appears that communism works just fine. After all, “China manufactures almost everything that we buy these days”.


  3. My seven weeks as a lesbian. I bought a used pick up truck. It had that decal on it. I drove it for about seven weeks before the ladies at the office said that marked me as a lesbian. I scraped it off, but I left the IBEW label.


    1. Señor Gill: One wonders why the EP banner would have marked you as a lesbian instead of a gay guy. I know what you look like, and it ain’t like a lesbian. Not much like a gay guy either, by the way.

      I had to look up IBEW.


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