9 thoughts on “Valley of the Shadow

    1. Peggy: So, you were a tomboy? I imagine that’s a word that’s verboten these days. As for venturing off the path, that can be a good thing. For the venturer, at least. I have ventured and, it seems, so have you.


    1. Smokesilver: What, pray tell, has Reich’s blog got to do with the today’s topic, a yarn from Alabama? Well, nothing.

      But you inspired me to go look up the blog of that raging, clueless socialist. It provided a chuckle. More delusions on the left about President Trump’s impending downfall.

      Now let’s shift back to the Valley of the Shadow in Alabama.

      P.S. Just occurred to me that you likely thought you were leaving the comment on the previous post, which did deal with Trump.


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