Rain, book, berries

IT’S AUGUST when I normally start to weary of the rain, but that hasn’t happened yet, the weariness. I am still loving it.

Yesterday about 4 p.m., I headed out the door to drive downtown and have a nice café Americano negro, but it was raining, so I sat a spell on a wicker rocker on the veranda.

Pulling the Canon from my man bag, I shot the video. When the rain slacked, I drove downtown. It wasn’t raining there.

I sat with the black cafecito and read my Kindle. I’m about halfway through a wonderful novel, A Gentleman in Moscow by the oddly named Amor Towles who’s a guy.

Who births a man child and names him Love?

While my normal drink at this time of day and at this location is the café Americano negro, I’ve been known to wander off the reservation. That wandering often leads me to the ice cream shop around the corner where one can purchase this pink thing you see below. Agua de fresa con coco.

Water of strawberry with coconut. There is also dairy in there, and it tastes really good. Costs about 68 cents, Americano.

Living where I do provides many pleasures.

16 thoughts on “Rain, book, berries

    1. Loulou: So, you liked it too. I’ll read his other one, the first one, when I finish this one. But you are right. I will not want it to end.

      The concept is very imaginative, and the writing is excellent. I’m aware that some authors write no more than a page a day, really working on the daily page. I’d bet money that he does that because every page is incredible. I found the book by happenstance on Amazon. Lucky me.


      1. His first book is OK – not great. I think it’s worth your time to read but it’s not as good as A Gentleman in Moscow. When you’re finished, lets hash over our favorite parts.

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  1. Love the sound of the pouring rain. Our poor province of British Columbia is in such desperate need of it. The wildfires are out of control. Lovely spot where you shot your video. I will now go on the hunt at my library for that book. Thanks for the heads up.


    1. Shelagh: We never lack for rain here between June and early October. I had never lived anywhere with this rain schedule. In the U.S., sometimes it rained, sometimes not, depending. That went on year-round. Here it has a very definite schedule. Very strange. Just after I shot the video it started to thunder, which would have added a nice touch to the video, but it came too late.

      As for the book, highly recommended!


  2. Yep. Finally stopped to watch your rain video. Lived in the Chihuahua Desert of NM for 12 years. Saw nothing like that. Now live in pretty dry W TX and still see nothing like that. Guess I’ll have to come to your hometown to see it. Best to you, Señor.


    1. Ricardo: I make videos short. There are two reasons. Less time for me to download them. And less time for folks to watch them.

      I’ve always wanted to live in the southwestern desert of the United States. Never will, however. I did visit quite a few times. The desert speaks to me.

      Yep, you need to visit the mountaintop. It’s no desert, but it’s nice up here.


  3. I so wish it would rain here. But instead, we have an endless string of dry, hot (100°+) days. A brisk afternoon thunderstorm is what this place really needs. And won’t get. It never rains in California in the summer.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where over the winter, we couldn’t wait for it to stop raining.


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