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AS I’VE MENTIONED here on occasion, we own a townhouse downtown, and we rent it to vacationers, mostly Gringos.

Shuffling through internet files today, I happened upon this photo taken six years ago, a photo I had forgotten. Our place is one of those white buildings. They almost look like they belong in Greece, I think. Nice mountains too.

We bought the townhouse in 2010 with money I inherited after my mother’s death in 2009. We purchased it as an investment with no intention of renting it, but after about two years of its sitting there, furnished and pretty, we decided to share the joy.

Turned out to be a good investment. We would have paid much less now than we paid in 2010. The dollar equivalent then was about $76,000. Now it would be about $20,000 less. Oh well, you buy your condos, and you take your chances.

But it’s worth more now than we paid, and it’s fun to have.

We also have a condo in Mexico City, which is far smaller. It was where my child bride was living when we met lo these many years ago. We just recently got the deed to that place, so we own three, free and clear.

Actually, she owns them. They’re all in her name.

I am homeless.

17 thoughts on “Just a nice view

    1. Eric: Yes, I do have confidence in her. Of course, I also had confidence in my last wife who up and tossed me in the street one day like a rotten tomato.

      Not only are the houses in my child bride’s name, but so are both cars. I am both homeless and carless.

      A friend once mentioned a Gringo hereabouts who also had a Mexican wife, and their place was just in the wife’s name. She surprisingly died before him, and the Mexican kin decided to move into the house and take over. I’m not sure exactly how that worked — or how it worked out.

      But, being her husband, in the highly unlikely event she dies before I do, I get the property automatically … one would think. But, just in case, she has a will too, and I’m the sole beneficiary.


    1. Editor’s talents define your definitions. Sounds like “kept” is the apt description. It’s not often I admit to envy, but in this case I admit it. Saludos, señor


      1. Ricardo: As I responded to Angeline, how can I be kept when I pay all the bills? Plus, I bought the darn houses — well, she had got a pretty good start on the Mexico City place when I met her, but I paid it off — and I bought the cars too.

        No matter. I accept your envy.


      1. A kept man that needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to get his keeper to pay the bills. Jajajaja. I hope your wife doesn’t see this.


    1. Ray: My mountaintop town is getting to be more of an “in” thing every year. I do what I can to scare them away, but it doesn’t seem to be working. It does help real estate prices, I imagine. I try to look at the bright side.


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