Sunday opera

SUNDAY AFTERNOON on the plaza. This fellow sings for tips that go into the glass he’s holding in his hand. His music comes from the blue box hanging from his neck.

I don’t know what’s up with the sunflowers.

After I shot the video, I looked in the other direction and saw the taco vendor sitting on the sidewalk with her two kids.

Years ago the vendor’s mother did the same in the same spot till she died. Her daughter took over, continuing the tradition.

A family enterprise spanning generations.

Tacos! Tacos! Get ’em right here!

2 thoughts on “Sunday opera

    1. Ray: I did indeed. I gave him 20 pesos. My usual contribution in such circumstances is five or ten pesos. Wasn’t the first time I’d heard him. Probably the fourth or fifth over the last couple of months.

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