The sage

sageFOR MANY YEARS I have pointed out the perils of promoting multiculturalism.

Did anyone pay me any mind? No, and we have arrived at the current conditions that exist in the United States.

Fact: People prefer the company of those similar to themselves.

Fact: People forced into the company of those very different from themselves get edgy.

Fact: Edginess in time leads to mayhem and murder.

Fact: Nations are families, i.e. very large groups of people who are alike in religion, race, language and culture.

Fact: People want it that way.

Let’s look at university campuses. Go to the student union cafeteria. In spite of campuses being ground zero of diversity-loving, you will find black students sitting together over here, white students sitting together over there, and Orientals sitting together on the patio outside, studying.*

Multicultural violence is increasing in the United States, and it’s just going to get worse. I see no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Promoting multiculturalism is the kerosene that fuels the fire, daily.

Multiculturalism within a nation — or any society — is a problem that needs to be addressed in the kindest way possible. It is never to be encouraged.

It’s putting a pistol to your head.

We’re all just people, you say, and must learn to live together in peace. Likewise, lions and tigers are all big, carnivorous cats. Does the male lion invite tigers into the pride in the name of diversity? No. There would be murder and mayhem.

It’s a good analogy. Lions are smarter than Americans, Western Europeans and Canadians too.

Listen to your sage.

* * * *

* The black students will be planning their next BLM march. The white students, embarrassed about being white, will be wondering if they’ll be invited to participate. The Oriental students will still be studying.

24 thoughts on “The sage

  1. Amen.
    Pretty much sums it up. We do not have to be unkind to those unlike us. We also do not have to attempt the impossible. That is to say, human nature is what it is, has been and will always be as long as there are humans.

    From where we are now NOB it is not clear to me how we correct the present madness. Things do not look good.


    1. Señor Gill: Yeah, there is always that. I married one. But as most Gringos living down here will tell you, one never fits in, even marrying into a family, which is about as close as you can get.

      As for the mayhem and murder, it’s not an issue as long as the primary population is the overwhelming majority. We do not threaten their sense of selves. However, if the percentage of Gringos in the entire country was similar to the percentage of them in San Miguel, for instance, I am sure you’d see some very serious problems. Mexicans would not take kindly to it, and I would not blame them. It’s human nature, and you can croon Kumbaya till the cows come home. It will not change anything.


    2. Señor Gill, PS: Back during the Trump campaign, I had Mexicans ask me a couple of times, truly perplexed, what was his appeal. They just did not get it, especially the border wall issue.

      I told them the truth. I asked how Mexicans would react if, instead of just one Gringo-infested city of San Miguel, there were literally hundreds, which would be required to have an equivalency to what now exists in the United States due to illegal immigrants. Mexican communities, full of foreigners, many of whom did not speak Spanish or wish to, in Mexico with no visas, marching in the streets, flying U.S. flags, demanding their “rights.”


  2. I too live in a sea of Mexicanos, mostly illegal. Now we have to say “undocumented.” Years ago, we thought of retiring in Mexico, but it came to us instead.
    Some integrate into society in a matter of weeks or months. Others I know have been here twenty years and still don’t speak a word of English.
    I guess it all depends upon the individual. I still have neighbors that run and hide whenever they see a strange Gringo.
    Los mojados estan tan engridos con nosotros, que solamente la mano de dios podra separarnos. Somehow, we need to fix this problem. Not an amnesty, but an indulto.


    1. Señor Gill: Mexico came to you. That’s a good one. Problem is that only the bad aspects came to you. The good ones, and they are legion, remain below the border. Low prices, low taxes, great healthcare system, etc.

      Now stick to English, Señor Fancy Pants, because lots of folks — most probably — who read this website do not speak Spanish. Plus, I had to look up indulto, and engridos appears not to exist.

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  3. Promoting multiculturalism is a political agenda for many including the crackpot pope in Rome. He doesn’t give a damn about preserving Christianity in Europe or anywhere else. It is not wise to mix politics and religion or discuss either one at the dinner table. It is bad for digestion, peace, and harmony for both people and nations.

    Humans are not as wise as lions and tigers. DNA proves we are part Neanderthal. All species matter. Kumbaya.

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    1. Andrés: Humans in the traditionally white parts of the world do seem stupider than lions and tigers these days for sure. Latin America and Asia do not buy into the multicultural myth. Bully for them.

      As for the current Pope … don’t get me going. He’s a nincompoop.


  4. Multiculturalism is simply a fact of life now. I grew up (supposedly, may I never), in a predominantly Japanese community. Thought nothing of it. Girls I dated in high school were both white and Japanese. My Mom’s sage advice one time was: Robins don’t mate with sparrows. Think of the children. They will be neither. Well, some did mate, and had babies, and they turned out fine. Here now, we have had an influx of Chinese, a few years back East Indians, everyone seems to get along just fine, yes, there are a few cultural clashes, but they are more from my (our) generation with ideals that are outmoded. The world is constantly changing, and, for some, change is very difficult. The stance against multiculturalism is stronger in the U.S. I think than most places. Yes, Europe is having mighty struggles with immigration and trying to find a balance. You yourself live in a multicultural environment, you are accepted. Probably because you live your life, stay out of other people’s business and assimilate as best you can.


    1. Bob: Multiculturalism is indeed increasing, but not everywhere. It’s increasing primarily in the white man’s world because that’s the most successful part of the globe. People go where the money is when they can. And it’s the white man’s world where multiculturalism is causing strife. Multiculturalism should not be encouraged.

      That’s the Sage’s basic point. And he’s not sage for no reason.


  5. Oil and water do not mix. However, water-based products will mix with other water-based things. If one follows a religion of hatred and murder, it is hard to be accepted by society.


  6. Great summary. At some point the force feeding will put everyone in gray suits, with no differentiation. Hopefully, it will take a few centuries.

    I keep thinking to a post you did about three or four years ago, where a home was invaded. You might re-post that. It was stellar.


    1. Tancho: That post to which you refer was a stroke of freaking genius if I do say so myself. Alas, look as I might, and I have often, it is lost, lost, lost. It was on my Bierce website, and I stupidly deleted the entire blog long ago. I was out of my mind. I loved that piece. It just shot out of me one day.


  7. Well, the US was dealt a multicultural hand, first via slavery, then via immigration. We now need to make the best of what we have. Save for a few religious nuts, things actually work pretty well. Sure, there are those who would divide us (BLM, others), mostly people in America get along FAR better than happens in most societies.

    But instead of emphasizing every little difference between us, we need to be focusing on the commonalities, our essential humanity that transcends culture.

    That would make America a more peaceful place.


    Kim G
    Redding, Ca
    Which is not terribly diverse and still has plenty of problems.


    1. P.S. When was the last time you were on a U.S. college campus? I don’t think it’s quite as self-segregated as you imagine.


      1. Kim: Been a long time. But from what I see online and read, I think I am right. But as in all things, I could be completely off-base. It happens.

        Doesn’t negate the dreadful idea of encouraging diversity.


    2. Kim: I agree completely. The U.S. does need to make the best of what it has. However, promoting and encouraging multiculturalism is another thing altogether.


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