Demon cult

WHILE THERE are lots of Mohammedans in the United States who were born there, and practice Mohammedanism pretty much like, say, Methodists and Baptists embrace their religion because they were born into it, Mohammedans in the Mohammedan world are a very different slice of lamb.

It is a demon cult.

serveimageWestern leftists, to be politically correct and accepting, give it a pass, which is a suicidal approach.

The Democrat Party, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa come to mind.

Above and below are two brave women fleeing from the demon cult they were born into. If you make excuses for Mohammedanism, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Wise up and smell the bacon.

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    1. Señor Gill: By posts, you mean comments, of course. You are correct. People are afraid. So afraid that even online anonymity isn’t enough for them. This speaks, as they say, volumes. They keep their mouths shut.

      I posted this in the middle of the day yesterday, and when I do that it’s not rare for it to go unnoticed till the next morning, so I imagine one or two more people will respond. But this type of thing always goes mostly ignored.

      What’s happening in the West is appalling. People are cowering under their beds.


  1. Have been waiting to see what comments appear. Patience is a virtue I am told, but it’s rarely mine.
    Once again you speak the truth, and the East is still the East and West still the West.
    Suicide is so unwise.

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    1. Ricardo: When I go full-bore against Mohammedans, which I don’t do too often but I certainly enjoy it, I can hear people jamming through the exits over thataway.


  2. I live about two miles north of the mosque. We have some living on our street. The Jehovahs don’t knock on their door. That tells you something.


    1. Señor Gill: Because Mohammedans do not often move to Mexico — thank God — I live nowhere near a Mosque, the church of the Demon Cult.

      And, yes, that Jehovahs steer around the cult is telling because the Jehovahs leave no doorbell unrung … normally.

      And the leftists continue to tell us we must accept Mohammedans because “all cultures are of equal value.”


  3. Too bad more people don’t see those videos but what’s really sad is that they don’t have the intelligence to understand exactly what we are dealing with when you have highly uneducated people who have been brainwashed since childhood. Then you bring into the equation people who think they can actually carry on an intelligent conversation with them.


  4. I have to be careful around some of the people I work with regarding left-wing social issues, but when the topic turns to Islam I don’t hold my tongue.

    Where I live, the Islamic community is small and quiet.


    1. Paul: I imagine the music biz is chockablock with collectivists. I feel your pain.

      As for the Islamic (or Mohammedan, as I prefer to label them) community in your parts being small and quiet, they’re likely just laying low and plotting.

      Your comment went to the moderation pile due to a typo in your name. I fixed it.


  5. The left’s love affair with Islam will come to a screaming halt when they see their gay and transsexual friends dropping from tall buildings.


    1. Señor Gill: One wonders what sort of bubble leftists live in. Do their beloved news sources like CNN, Huffpost, Slate, New York Times, Washington Post, Mother Jones, etc., never mention these grisly details? That Mohammedans oppress, murder and genitally mutilate women, and murder gays is hardly a secret. Plus their nations are dictatorships often disguised as fairy tale-sounding “kingdoms.”


  6. No one is cowering under beds around here – we just don’t see the point of arguing with strangers on a blog.

    Religious nuts come from all corners and most of the awful stuff that has happened on this planet down through the ages has been caused by one group of religious zealots or another.


        1. Loulou: We are of one mind! But the religious nuts these days, the ones who are stoning “unfaithful” women to death, performing genital mutilation on them, tossing gays off cliffs and buildings, chopping off heads of people who don’t agree with them, destroying centuries-old artworks and monuments in their cursed part of the world, killing people in public spaces in Europe, the U.S. and beyond, well, those folks are Mohammedans — not Christians, not Buddhists, not Hindus. Just bloodthirsty Mohammedans.


          1. I’m NOT defending militant Islamists, but this awful religious savagery isn’t unique to Islam and they weren’t the first to come up with it. When you have time someday, read about what the Catholic church did to the Cathars in the early 1200’s. I’m going to quit now because, since it’s your blog, you can always have the last word. Over and out.


            1. Loulou: Tsk, tsk. You’ve fallen back on the classic PC defense: The Christians did it too! Yes, eight centuries ago. This is the 21st century, and no religion is doing that stuff anymore but — wait for it — the Mohammedans.


  7. The thing that everyone forgets to mention (including you, from time to time) is that Islam is not just a religion. It’s also a political system, and one that is entirely at odds with liberal democracy. And of course as you did mention, it is completely intolerant of any deviation from its precepts.

    Alas, any reformation will have to come from within. But Islam as currently practiced is evil and promotes all kinds of things we should all be against. Why the regressive Left can’t see this is simply amazing. And it’s especially amazing in the context of the same Left quite clearly seeing the intolerance inherent in some strains of Christianity.

    But such is the nature of human doublethink.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we haven’t noticed Muslims.

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