Glimpse of sunshine

The psychedelic birdbath is full of fresh, clean water.

WE’VE BEEN dreadfully wet of late. Not Houston-style, but extra wet in our own way, and it’s due to two factors.

One, it’s the rainy season, and it rains a bit every day. But, in addition, we were getting almost nonstop rain for a spell due to a hurricane out in the Pacific. Not Harvey but Lidia.

When hurricanes run amok in the Gulf or Pacific, we get extra rain sometimes, and that’s all we get, which is good.

But the sun was out this morning, so I did some yard trimmings, cutting dead stuff, picking up nopal fruit that had fallen to the grass. You need gloves to do that latter, as I discovered painfully some while back. Nasty little spines.

And I refilled the birdbath, which I had not done for days due to the rain keeping it full. However, I noticed today there were tadpoles in there, so I dumped it out, and refilled.

During the morning activities, I needed something from the downstairs closet and while in there I got in a sharing mode. I don’t think I’ve ever put a closet photo here, so …

We maintain marginal order in the closet. There’s a similar closet upstairs.

The closet is across from the downstairs bathroom and next to the bedroom. You enter from the hallway. It was my idea, and it baffled my child bride at first because it’s as big as many — perhaps most — bedrooms in Mexico.

I hired a carpenter to build shelves that don’t just abut the wall but extend outwards, giving much more storage space. It’s an idea I got from the late, great Al Kinnison (R.I.P.) who had such a closet next to his kitchen. He lived downtown.

While I’ve been writing this, the clouds have grown, which may cause a problem for my morning exercise walk around our nearby plaza. I think I need to get going.


9 thoughts on “Glimpse of sunshine

  1. I am with your child bride, you should rent out that 1st floor closet to a family of Mexicans!!! Here in PV, I see rooms that are not that small, that open into the tiny sidewalk, with multiple family members living in.


    1. Beverly: But where would we put all that stuff you see in there? Ah, there’s rub. Additional income would be nice, however. Maybe if the tenants had no stuff of their own, and we could leave our stuff in there, unmolested. I’ll have to check around.


  2. Felipe,

    Lots of rain this week in Ajijic. More than normal, the longterm residents say. Yesterday was nice, but other days it is off and on all day.



    1. Troy: Just noticed your comment sitting in the Trash File. I have rebirthed it. Don’t know why it was there.

      But yes, the storm in the Pacific caused more than the usual amount of rain hereabouts and where you are too, of course. With luck, all this storm stuff will die down, and we can return to the usual, now-and-then rain patterns. It’s nicer that way.


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