Dental adventures

My child bride gets a root canal.

AS I’VE WRITTEN lately, we’ve been having dental adventures.

The most recent report was just a few days ago in the Good and Bad. And, previous to that, there was A Dental Day. I recently wound up the process of getting a tooth implant, the first of my life, and my child bride will soon start on four implants.

On Monday we dealt with an unrelated problem, one which required a root canal for her. Our regular dentist in the state capital referred us to a dental surgeon, the talented young woman shown in the photo.

Her given name is Nayelli.

While the procedure was under way, I watched from a comfy sofa in the corner, a nice touch you’d be hard pressed to find above the Rio Bravo. I was sipping a strawberry milk shake I’d purchased just down the street.

I tried not to make slurping sounds.

The root canal took less than 45 minutes, and my child bride’s now set to start the implants in two weeks.

The adventures continue.

7 thoughts on “Dental adventures

  1. A strawberry milkshake. Without slurping. Not very likely. However, that you raise the possibility does indicate what a considerate guy you really are. Ya’ll are just having too much fun. Wish I was there. Buena fortuna, señor.


    1. Ricardo: I did not slurp even once. And as for having too much fun, I was having all the fun, such as it was, especially with the milkshake, but she was not having much fun. Sometimes fun is not evenly distributed.


    1. I need to delete my comment above…not what I meant.

      Uneven-distributed fun is what I meant!!
      But undistributed fun is interesting also.


  2. My last root canal was in Chile and it took 2 terrible, miserable 2+hr visits. The health care there is not third world, so how did your esposa get by with such a short visit? Lucky lady.


    1. Patzman: You sure it was a root canal you received? I have had about three or four root canals in the last decade, and none took so long, not even close. The last one was with this same dentist, and it took about 45 minutes too. Root canals are not that big a deal anymore.


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