The duet

FOR MANY years, I’ve been singing that promoting multiculturalism is a recipe for disaster. The keyword is promoting. Putting it on a pedestal.

Nobody has ever paid me a dime’s worth of attention. Nobody has ever flatly agreed that I recall. I get either disagreement or, far more often, stony silence.

It’s one of those topics I occasionally address here that sends most everyone scurrying for the nearest exit.

Saying cultural diversity is bad is akin nowadays to saying Jews were good in 1930s Germany. You simply did not say it. It was/is verboten. Saying diversity is bad today, like saying Jews were good in 1930s Germany, can lead to ostracism, loss of job and murder. This is not hyperbole.

Virtually everyone now says they embrace diversity. Whether they actually do or not is another matter.

Individuals, corporations, universities, you name it. They all will tell you they just love diversity to death.

I’m referring to the Western world. You can see diss diversity in other areas of the world without fear because most of the world understands the value of family and nation.

A cyber-amigo put a smile on my face yesterday by emailing me an article published by the Hoover Institution.

Here’s a key sentence: History offers only a few success stories when it comes to diversity.

More often than not over the centuries, multiculturalism has led to mayhem and murder. I feel vindicated somewhat.

I am not singing a solo anymore. I’m part of a duet.

New ImageThe exit is over to your right.

I left it unlocked for you.

16 thoughts on “The duet

  1. Señor Zapata, once again you just can’t stay distant from the obvious truths regarding diversity and all it brings us. In addition to the above you mention, notice that it said diversity makes us “prone to exploitation by demagogues and opportunists.” I would humbly suggest that our U.S. government at all levels is filled with those.

    It amazes me that folks just cannot grasp that “unity” is the single concept that will hold us together as a nation. Not a perfect one, but a functioning state. And plenty much improved over anything else on the planet you can compare it to.

    Unity would require that we notice our differences, respect each other in all situations, but adhere to our country’s laws. Finger-pointing does not work here.

    No need to find the exit from where I sit. it’s about time we face ourselves for what we have created and make some changes. Or, we can just forget there ever was an American nation.


  2. I think the silence is due to the fear of being labeled a racist, which is in vogue here in the States (as you know).

    I agree with you. I’m unafraid to comment because I’m from Alabama, which everyone knows labels me a racist by default.

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    1. Ray: I think the silence is due to the fear of being labeled a racist…

      Well, certainly. That’s precisely it, but the brave also face worse consequences, depending on where they are and what they do.

      Yeah, you’re kinda off the hook, Alabama boy. There’s no hope for you, plus I doubt there are many SJWs and Antifa goons in your neck of the woods. At least, I hope not.


  3. If I would not get arrested or my property damaged, I would put a sign in my yard that says “Somali go home!” I live in St. Cloud MN, and they are taking over here, literally. They have multiple wives, and the unmarried ones of record receive unwed mother benefits from the state. Each wife pumps out about six kids, so go figure. The estimates are by 2025 the school system will be 50% Somali. Today, the St Cloud area population is about 200,000.

    Somalis buy into diversity as long as it helps them, but they by no means believe in the separation of church and state. They are welfare rats. A neighbor lady who manages the lab at the local hospital says they write off $500,000 per month of lab bills from the Somali community here.

    I truly am glad I will not be alive to see the descent of the USA to civil war akin to the Spanish civil war or Lebanon.

    They make no effort to assimilate, instead keeping their language and customs and giving the middle finger to their host country that took them in, gave them safety from war, and literally continues to suckle them at its breasts.

    So sign me up for the ANTIDV crowd, maybe we can start to fight the insane Antifa in the streets.


    1. Jeez, Eric, that’s a lamentable yarn. Alas, it is something that’s happening in other places too — in America and, especially, Western Europe.

      Somalis present a double challenge. They’re Mohammedans AND they’re black. Two reasons you cannot speak ill of them, according to modern rules.

      I don’t know what ANTIDV means. Anti-diversity? Or a typo?


    2. Today, the St. Cloud-area population is about 200,000. Fact check. Not true. Estimated Somalian population in Minnesota, 4,000-6,000.


      1. Bordercross: My internet sleuthing says that the population of St. Cloud within the city limits is about 67,000, but if you expand that to include the entire metropolitan area it’s about 200,000. Eric’s comment referred to the population of the “area.”

        As for the Somali population, I really don’t care how many there are. If folks move to the U.S. en masse, and the women do not come out from under their black sheets and the men do not express interest in assimilation while maintaining bad attitudes, I favor shipping them back to Somalia or wherever else they came from.


  4. Add to the mix the Chicago blacks moving here to escape the conditions there and receive the generous welfare benefits from MN. Unfortunately, they bring their gangbanger relatives.

    Odd thing is, as I go about my daily business I never see any of them (Somalis or blacks) working, only at the grocery stores swiping their welfare food stamp card. Looks to me they are all living off the backs of the whites and Mexicans who ARE working.

    Oh yeah. We have Mexicans here too, but they are working.


  5. Señor Zapata,
    I should add to my first statement that I see many Mexican citizens here in TX that are hard workers and for the most part make a good attempt to assimilate to the U.S. This is not a recent set of events. This has been going on my entire life at least. And I can say definitely that within my personal experience the attitudes of the white folks towards the Mexicans and other immigrants I describe has improved a bunch over the past 60 years or so. The key word seems to be “assimilate.” If that is the goal of an immigrant, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Gringo who hates them or wishes them gone. Part of that is, by definition, to comply with the laws, immigration and all others.


    1. Ricardo: The primary bone I have to pick with Mexicans above the border is the percentage of them, and it’s a big percentage, who cross the border illegally, i.e. illegal aliens.

      The thing most Americans are utterly unaware of is that there are considerable economic opportunities down here, and that improves every day. There is no real need to sneak into the United States.


  6. Antidiv is a movement I started this AM to combat Antifa. By the way, anyone familiar with the name Ta Nahesi Paul Coates, the black darling author of the left who blames on whites all the ills of the blacks in the U.S. I heard him saying on NPR, the propaganda radio of the left, that he prefers to live in Harlem, among his “own kind,” yet he gets a pass on that statement. So apparently he believes in segregation but if I say the same I am a racist.

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