Holiday shots

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The smoker.

THE MASS OF people who crowd our usually tranquil main plaza downtown on the evening of September 15 and all day on September 16 for Mexican independence festivities provide excellent photo opportunities.

On one side of the plaza, the scene is the same every year. A band plays loud music while men — and the occasional woman — sit atop dancing horses. The guys are usually plowed, but the horses don’t appear to care.

The fellow above caught my attention. He appeared sober, did not have a beer can in his hand, but he was smoking. Took me about 10 shots before I got this one.

He and his horse were all over the place. Dancing fools.

The Screamer.

Meet The Screamer. That’s what I call him. He recently reappeared here in town after an absence of a couple of years. I don’t know where he went, but he’s back.

I don’t know his name. I just call him The Screamer because that’s what he does. He’s a vendor who walks the sidewalks with the basket of candies he’s holding. And, between spells of silence, he screams his bloody head off.

You can hear him blocks away.

I don’t mean that he’s hawking his candy loudly. He’s just plain screaming. Clearly, there is something seriously wrong with him. His eyes are crossed, and his fingers are twisted.

He sounds dangerous, but I do not think he is. My child bride, her sister and I were sitting at a sidewalk table a couple of days ago when he approached and offered his wares. He does not speak well. My wife inquired about prices, and he managed to say something we did not clearly understand.

My wife gave him 10 pesos (about 55 cents), and he handed over four or five of the candies. She was only doing it to help him, so she tried to give all but one back to him, but he wouldn’t have it. He insisted on leaving the small pile.

I interpret that to mean he has his pride.

He didn’t bellow during the sale. I was grateful for that.

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12 thoughts on “Holiday shots

  1. You really have a unique talent getting the essence of all kinds of things with those photos. Must be your inner sense of peace showing through. Probably comes from that Alabama upbringing.

    By the way, we all scream, it’s just that some of us do it silently. But then you already knew that. Bet that’s why your pics are so good.

    Saludos Señor!

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    1. Ricardo: Alabama upbringing?! Dem’s fighting words, señor! I’m a Georgia cracker, born in Atlanta. Of course, I left Georgia when I was 6, and never lived there again, but anyway …

      I’ve never lived in Alabama, but there are good people there.

      But back to the photos, thanks for the positive feedback.


  2. I hope you got signed model releases on your subjects? Oh sorry, those are not required SOB since lawsuits for pittances are ignored and laughable.

    Nice photos. Now all you need is photoshop to erase the boy in the background to enhance the old man.


    1. Tancho: Actually north of the border you can photograph anyone who is out in public without their permission. As for photoshopping the kid out, I like the kid there. Adds something, I think. I didn’t even notice him till I got the photo on my computer screen at home.


  3. I was going to make a comment about dancing horses, but the whole Alabama/Georgia thing took all the wind out of my sails. The only differences between Alabama and Georgia is that they have better roads and Atlanta. The former we would like. The latter we wish that Sherman would have done a better job.


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