Card from Mexico


LAST WEEKEND, we leaped into the Honda and drove to the far side of our big lake to eat at a favorite restaurant in celebration of my child bride’s birthday. She’s 57.

That may not sound like child-bride territory, but considering my advanced vintage, she could be my daughter. My actual daughter is only five years younger.

She ordered beef. I ordered shrimp. It was very well-prepared. She said her beef was a bit overdone. She should have ordered shrimp, but separating a Mexican from beef is no simple matter. It’s like separating them from cheese and chiles.

Especially when there’s celebration in the air.

This was my plate of fried shrimp. I really like fried shrimp.

One of the best things about this restaurant is the location. It sits alone near the shore of the lake. The views are spectacular. Below is a shot in another direction.


Even if the shrimp weren’t great, the view would justify a visit.

17 thoughts on “Card from Mexico

  1. We heard about your love of some parts of beef lately. Glad to see they had some good-looking shrimp. Saludos Señor.


    1. Gracias, Ms. Shoes, but at my stage of life one prefers to have birthdays pass unnoticed. My child bride gave me that gift last month when my birthday passed her by completely unnoticed!


  2. Nice place. We never seem to be able to pass by El Zauz, but maybe this Sunday’s road trip will make it at least that far, for shrimp also!


  3. Hard to believe, but I think Stew and I were at this place during our last visit to Patzcuaro. It was on the outskirts, on a road that went around a lake or reservoir. It was terrific. Happy BD to your wife.


    1. Señor Lanier: Can’t for the life of me remember the restaurant name due to its being one of those indigenous words. It’s located almost exactly on the far side of the lake opposite from where Pátz is. Yes, on the road that circles the lake. And it is terrific. We should go there more often. Would if it were closer.

      I’ll pass the birthday greetings along to my spectacularly better half. Gracias.


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