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  1. Truth. It is what it is, even when it’s black. And you can’t take it back. And, he’s even better at singing.


    1. Ricardo: He’s good at singing, and he’s good at this freestyle “poetry” too. Love the guy. Who knew?

      But you know what? All those black people in the audience, or a large percentage of them, will be back in victim mode as soon as they walk out of the theater. Take it to the bank. And they’ll continue voting for the Democrats. In sort, what’s Smokey’s telling them will sail in one ear, tickle their funny bone, and then sail right out the other ear.


  2. Señor Zapata,
    I agree with your conclusion. As I ponder the cause of same, I wonder if we get the same results in any other ethnic group, i.e. white guys, Asians, and on and on. My best guess: probably.

    But, it does require assuming the victim mentality. Unfortunately, many are very good at that.


    1. Ricardo: I assume you mean the conclusion that Smokey’s audience will, for the most part, even after enjoying what he said, leave the theater and return to victim mode. You can pretty much take that to the bank, as they say. It will be even more likely to happen if that theater is in New York, and I bet it is.

      And no, we won’t get the same results in other ethnic groups.


  3. Your assumption is correct. I was referring to the audience returning to victim mode as soon as they exit the theatre.
    My experience is that assuming the victim mentality is not exclusively a black thing. They are good at it due to the plantation attitude of so many. However, I see it to some degree in all ethnicities, including the whites.
    The black group wins, however, hands down.

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  4. Pulling the scab off of this old sore and then festering it has been the bread and butter of the Democratic party for years. People don’t know or care about history. What party was founded to fight slavery? Not the Democratic. What was the party of slavery and then Jim Crow? Not the Republican. What party addicted Black America to the opium of social welfare? Not the Republican. What party destroyed the black family? Not the Republican. What party pardoned so many of the drug dealers that prey on Black America? Not the Republican.


    1. Señor Gill: I used to say this more in the past than I do now, but people are ignorant of history, and that’s why so many buy into ideas that make no sense whatsoever. The ignorance of history is a root cause of many problems that exist in the West today.

      Back when I remarked more on folks’ ignorance of history, I would occasionally get a response along the lines of “but I do know history,” and what they mean is they know when the War of 1812 took place, who was the first U.S. president, who fought in the American Civil War, etc.

      They know details, the sort of stuff taught in high school history classes and put students to sleep.

      The larger, more important, elements of history are unknown to most people. That socialism has been repeatedly tried and has never worked, for instance. That multiculturalism has almost always led to violence. The list is varied and long.


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