Feel of fall

WHEN I LIVED in America, October was my favorite month.

serveimageSome folks love the arrival of spring. I imagine most of them live in the frozen north. But I loved the arrival of not just autumn but October.

October has a distinct sensation even though fall arrives in late September. I lived 98 percent of my 55 years above the Rio Bravo in spots that sweltered in summer, so the arrival of autumn was a blessing, a relief, a sigh.

Where I live now we do not swelter in summer, so the transition to autumn is not such a big deal. Our big deal is the move from occasionally unpleasant, bone-dry spring to cooler, wetter summertime.

But the feel of Gringo fall stays with me, and I felt it today for the first time this year. It’s a feeling that’s difficult to put into words, but you know it when it touches you.

I was on the upstairs terraza sweeping this morning, taking advantage of the fact that most of the floor was dry because it did not rain yesterday or last night either.

And I said to myself: This feels like fall, and it did.

I love it.

21 thoughts on “Feel of fall

  1. Oh, yes, the feel of fall in October. Only mid-80s for afternoon temps. It’s what we call fall.


  2. It feels like fall up here in Vancouver too. Sunny and crisp with a little dew on the grass. By afternoon it will be into the 70s. I love it too. Three more days of this and then back to the rain. I don’t mind that either because we’re coming back to Mexico on the 22nd for two months. That’s another big reason why we love October.


    1. Brent: I always wanted to visit Vancouver. Never did. I did spend an afternoon in Victoria once in 1997. That was good. And three or four days in Montreal in the 1980s. Other than those two places, I’ve never been in the Land of the Maple Leaf.


  3. It was a lot better before Expo 86 when we welcomed the world and they never went home. Then they told all their rich friends to come and invest in real estate with their ill-gotten gains. Do I sound bitter? I’m not. The same thing has happened to lots of places that used to be livable based on normal salaries. Vancouver is one of the biggest real estate bubbles in the world which is why I’m happy renting. It’s kind of insane when my aunt’s place, a postwar, stucco, 1000-square-foot house on a quarter-acre lot is assessed at $3.3 million! $50,000 for the house. If I were my aunt I would sell in a heartbeat, but then I’m not my aunt.

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  4. I see the signs here in the heart of Dixie, not so much in the temperature but in more subtle ways. Maybe you’ve inspired me to peck out a few thoughts soon. Good post, my friend.

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  5. october is also my favorite, maybe because it’s my birthday on the 15th. nah, i really love the fall and it does seem like october, is that magical time here in the pacific northwest, although it did start in september. the nights are very cool now so we have lots of autumn colors.

    take care felipe.



  6. We just flew out of New Jersey yesterday, to MEX. I was surprised and a little disappointed that the NJ leaves had not colored while we were there.

    Don Cuevas


  7. The end of the rainy season deserves it’s own Octoberfest. The weather is still a little screwy. One neighborhood is warm and sunny and the one nearby is raining cats and dogs.

    At least the rain let up last weekend so I could do some gardening and plant some new hibiscus.


    1. Señor Stigaard: We often have downpours in our outlying neighborhood while downtown is dry as the proverbial bone, or vice versa. The Goddess plays with us.

      I like hibiscus, but I don’t want more plants in my yard, so …


  8. Well, it’s fall here in Arizona, too. Only supposed to get up to 97 today. Two weeks ago, it was down around 40 in the morning, but then warmed up 50 more degrees by afternoon. But Ray is right. Fall shows in much more subtle ways here too. The leaves are all still green, but the shadows on the mountains show that winter’s on its way. And the other day we had a brief rain shower, and the clouds sure looked like a winter storm. But then the rainbow came out and it looked like a summer sky. Darned weather can’t make up its mind. Cicadas have been singing here for a few weeks now. When I lived up north, folks used to say that when you heard them, it was six weeks til the first frost. Don’t think that holds true here though. But you are absolutely right! October is the best month of the year.


    1. Pablo: October is a godsend, especially above the Rio Bravo. Things are different on my mountaintop, but October is still nice. More than anything due to its being the final month of the rainy season.

      As for Arizona heat, hey, it’s a dry heat! You wanna feel heat? Move to New Orleans.


  9. There are two times of the year that set the tone for me. One is midsummer evenings with the smell of new-mown hay and strawberries. The other, fall, with the crispness of the air and the warm sun on my back. All of these, riding on my Harley.


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