Church walk


I WENT ON a church walk yesterday.

There is no shortage of churches here. You’ll find big, ancient, elaborate ones on about every other block, which strikes me as kind of nutty. How many do you need?

They’re Catholic, of course, 100 percent.

The one in the photo is the oldest in town, and I took the shot from a patio of another church right across the street!

Crazy Spaniards.

Just before taking the photo, I was passing through a walkway of the church behind me. I shot the video below. The music was not added. It was a bunch of folks in the room to the left, singing away in a New-Age style. Their arms were up in the air.

All manner of stuff happens here.

14 thoughts on “Church walk

  1. Lots in interesting stuff going on there and you do an excellent job of noticing and commenting on it.
    The New Age stuff probably keeps those evil Baptists and Methodists at bay.


    1. Gracias, Ricardo. As for Baptists and Methodists, societies where they hold sway are very different from Catholic nations. Whether one finds that a positive or negative thing depends on one’s druthers.

      Or something like that.


  2. In San Miguel too, they have a pile-up of churches, one next to the other. You wonder what was the marketing scheme, since the audience was pretty much the same—Mexicans.

    In Chicago you have a lot of churches close to one another too but those were ethnic parishes, serving recently arrived immigrants in their own language. You can’t say confession to a Polish priest if you’re Irish unless you really don’t want the priest to know what you did.



    1. Señor Lanier: I am surrounded by churches, but I’ve never had anything to do with churches in my life. Never went to church, never joined a church, never even been baptized.


  3. In those small towns in Mexico they probably don’t want to leave THE one church named after THE superstar saint/apparition/whatever just in case that’s the one that will grant the miracles. Since they have so many choices, they’re bound to hit on one of them.


  4. We loved that church. Love hearing the bells all over Mexico. But then I am now a mackerel snapper as we used to say back at RE Lee high in Jax back in the day. My child bride is Baptist but loves the Catholic service too.

    The copper town nearby (can’t spell the proper name) has at least two huge churches on the same plaza. I wondered how they sold that idea way back when.


    1. Steve: The copper town is Santa Clara del Cobre. We were there about two weeks ago for a nice frappé on the plaza. They do have virtually abutting churches there, which is not rare. Another small town nearby is Tzintzuntzan where two big churches stand almost elbow to elbow. One was for the upper class Spaniards, etc., and the other was for the peons.


  5. Can’t wait until you give equal time to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, their meeting hall is down towards your neck of the woods.


      1. I think we will both be gone by then. Or I could send them folks over with he latest copy of their magazine.


  6. It’s always amazed me how Mexicans love their Catholic Churches. It seems to amount to brainwashing. In many towns I have visited the church is by far the biggest, most expensive structure in town, and the poor locals spend lots of time fundraising to maintain and fix them up. What’s with that, Felipe?! Is this a case of falling in love with your abuser or what?!?!


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