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THE RAINY SEASON seems to be winding down, so we’re getting more sunshine in the afternoon, which inspired me to set out yesterday, my man bag slung over my shoulder, the contents of which were my Kindle and my Canon.

I took these three photos for you. From top to bottom:

  1. The yellow building is the oldest church in town, and that’s saying something. The white extension to the left, which appears to be a add-on, and likely was, is now multipurpose. There’s a theater,* lots of rooms for art exhibits and other spaces for workshops. It keeps pretty busy.
  2. This is a fairly new hotel, the Casa Leal. The Leal family are local bigwigs who own lots of businesses. They seem to be good people. If the church steeple in the back looks familiar it’s because it appeared here in a black & white shot from another angle just a few days ago.
  3. Long-time readers might recognize this place too. The upstairs windows open into the bedroom where my brother-in-law accidentally shot himself dead about ten years ago in a “cry for help.” His wife had kicked him out, and he ended up in that room not knowing what to do next.**

It was a lovely day to walk around downtown taking pictures. It’s not like I have a real job or anything.

* * * *

* We saw 2001: A Space Odyssey there just a few weeks ago. It was fun, the first time I’d seen it since it came out in 1968. The end still didn’t make a lick of sense, however.

** Those windows were featured in a Nescafe coffee commercial a couple of years later. A woman is standing in one of the windows right at the end. The commercial also has some other good scenes of our mountain town, but Nescafe made it look more Italian than Mexican in my opinion. It’s a great ad.

15 thoughts on “Effects of sunshine

  1. Nice pics, my friend. Having seen the church façade, I now recall having painted it so many years ago…


  2. Well mercy sakes there, Señor Zapata. Not only do we get some great pictures, we get all manner of interesting facts relating to same. Never underestimate the effects of sunshine.


  3. Felipe,

    When was the oldest church in town built?


    PS. We are now living in San Antonio Tla., Jalisco. We arrived on September 30th.


  4. Love the look of Pátzcuaro even if the Historical Police got a little carried away by insisting most everything be painted the same colors. In San Miguel the HP will allow three or four. That’s a hell of a name for the mezcalería.

    ¡Vete al carajo! roughly means “Go f*** yourself!” If your wife says that to you, run or at least hide.


    1. Señor Lanier: The red-and-white color scheme is not specifically my town. It extends far and wide throughout the state. I’m not particularly fond of it either and prefer the bright colors of San Miguel, which are far more than three or four.

      And, oh yes, I know about carajo. But, hey, it’s a bar! And my wife never says that to me, or vice versa. We love each other.


  5. You’re making me miss Mexico even more!!! Stop it!!!


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Which has its own charms, especially of the natural variety. And it’s stopped being so danged hot, which is nice.


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