Best-laid plans

ON MOVING OVER the Rio Bravo at the turn of the century, I had a to-do list of three items.

First, learn Spanish. I had no intention of living here without learning the native tongue. Alas, so many of my former countrymen do just that. Tsk, tsk.

Second, get married. I had no intention of living here solo for the rest of my life. I don’t like being single.

Third, with my new bride’s help, buy land and construct a home. See, my to-do list had an order of sorts. No. 1 was a lengthy process, and it’s ongoing.

At age 55, learning a new language is not something that comes easily. And No. 3 required No. 2 first.

And No. 2 required No. 1  because my child bride cannot converse in English. Being able to talk to your wife is advisable.

No. 2 was fairly easy because, truth be told, I had women coming out of the proverbial woodwork. Most did not interest me. I finally found one that interested me, and I married her about two years after moving to Mexico.

Her help with the home construction was immeasurable. She not only speaks Spanish, she’s a civil engineer.

Aside from learning a new language, which is a process without end, I had mostly accomplished my three goals in a bit more than three years. I’m so proud of myself.

I’ve been coasting ever since.

My child bride cleaning her glasses with her skirt a few months ago.

18 thoughts on “Best-laid plans

  1. You are just an orderly guy, señor. Compliments to you. And you chose well. Language and everything else. Saludos!


  2. You’ve done well, Felipe. You are right to be proud of yourself. I would love to be fluent in Spanish but only have a basic working knowledge. My wife is fluent in Spanish and French, so I tend to lean on her a bit. I’m sure if we lived in Mexico full-time I’d put more effort into it.

    Your wife is one year younger than mine. I guess I’ve got a child bride too.


    1. Brent: Having a Spanish-fluent wife must be a real help. You’re lucky in that. I’m lucky. You’re lucky.

      If one moves down here as a couple, it really makes learning Spanish a challenge because you’re constantly speaking English at home. I wanted to learn Spanish, but I was forced into it too.

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    1. Carole: Strangely enough, were it not for the labor union at the San Juan Star, a pack of communists, literally, especially the leaders, I likely would not have been forced out of a job due to a long strike. I didn’t speak Spanish at the time, so getting some sort of other work was pretty much out of the question. I really liked living in Puerto Rico, and I very possibly would still be there today.

      Recent events, however, and not just the hurricane, make me very glad I did not stay.


  3. So they come out of the woodwork , eh? I have to laugh. Many years ago when I took a group of college kids to Honduras, a 15-year-old girl told one of my charges that “age doesn’t matter in Honduras.”

    I suppose it doesn’t when you’re trying to get a ticket North.

    I think you chose well. Beauty and brains.


    1. Ray: Yes, they were coming out of the woodwork, from 18 to 80, well, almost. Lots of factors cause that, economic, cultural, and, of course, I was far from being chopped meat 18 years ago.

      But I found the only one over 21 who had never been married, never even shacked up with anyone, no kids, no dogs, no cats, no debts, perfect. Good-looking to boot. That she had no kids was the biggie. Virtually all women over puberty here have kids, often lots of them.

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  4. Of the three, the second was your greatest accomplishment. Your Spanish is something to be admired. And your house is a thing of joy. Not to mention that incredible condo. But, your wife is who has made you who you are in Mexico. Well done to both of you.


  5. I have similar goals. Number one, though still continuing as you note, is pretty much accomplished. Number two was looking very good in 2016, but then fell victim to a green-eyed monster. (Jealousy on his part.) And number three, well, I’ve been window-shopping for ages. However, I’m feeling better about having dragged my feet after the earthquake hit CDMX.

    But if I ever get back there, I’ll pursue #2 and #3 with some vigor, and hopefully get there. At least there are plenty of available guys. If you’re a foreigner in Mexico, you definitely benefit from some cachet.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where #2 would be impossible.


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