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ANYONE WHO’S been passing through here for at least a year knows I’m a Trump fan. I voted for him long-distance and think he’s not only a breath of fresh air in Washington but that he’s trying to fulfill his campaign promises in spite of opposition from both Democrats and Republicans.

donIf given the chance, I’ll vote for him again.

Trump, like me, is ostensibly a Republican, but I don’t think he’s much of one, and neither am I. I’m Republican simply because it’s the only voting option in America that is not the Democrat Party, which was my party for decades.

The Democrat Party has become extremist, succumbing to political correctness, pie-in-the-sky socialism, and race-baiting, among countless other sins.

If you follow conservative news sources, you know that Trump is having a slow slog due to opposition from both Democrats and, incredibly, Republicans. Most U.S. politicians, no matter the party, are corrupt, self-serving, nincompoops.

If you follow left-wing news sources, you know that Trump is an orange-haired monster married to a prostitute.* His daily life is dedicated to lynching “negros,” grabbing women’s hoohahs and persecuting Mohammedans.

Speaking of news sources, I’m going to tell you some good conservative ones. I read them every morning online. I do not subscribe to actual newspapers. Very few people in Mexico do, and I don’t watch television news.

I’m strictly an online guy.

I pay virtually no attention to Mexican news. Although I vote here, I let Mexico take care of itself — and hope for the best.

(Amusingly, a few years ago, I was asked to be the honcho of our local polling station. An all-day commitment, I turned it down. Another reason was that I did not think my Mexican neighbors would appreciate a Gringo overseeing their voting.)

But the title of this post is its purpose. I am sharing my conservative news sources with you. Some right-wing sources are as silly as left-wing ones.

Read mine, however, and you’ll get smarter.

What may be surprising is that I read neither Breitbart nor Fox’s websites. I dodge Breitbart because they focus too much on trivialities, and they incredibly fired a staffer months back over a purely PC issue.

I don’t read Fox’s website because the company stupidly threw Bill O’Reilly overboard. I don’t always agree with Bill, mostly due to his Catholicism, but he was the heart of Fox. Plus, Fox’s website is heavy on silly showbiz gossip.

Without further ado, here’s where you can get some straight-shooting conservative coverage with a minimum of showbiz fluff and wacky conspiracy theories:

  1. The Washington Times, solid, sober coverage that you often don’t get in that other Washington newspaper.
  2. The Daily Caller.
  3. The Gateway Pundit.
  4. The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro’s home. Try to ignore the pop-up pushing his free book.
  5. Truth Revolt.

I know there are lots of others, but these are my Fav Five.

* * * *

melania* Melania is growing on me. I initially considered her little more than a trophy wife. She is that, but I like her. She’s buena gente. After Ivana and Marla, Trump only had one way to go: up. And he did.

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    1. Of course, Mark. As I noted, there are lots of others. However, I find the appearance of his website totally off-putting. The sheer endless volume of it. It’s as if he is intentionally making his website unattractive or, more accurately, butt-ugly. I mean, really, just a mile-long list of stuff in black and white? It looks like it was designed by a teenager in 1995. My advice to him: Hire a web designer. Appearances matter.


  1. I don’t read a lot of political news sites, and I don’t watch any cable news. I like Drudge (like Mark). He may not have a good layout, but he pilots a good ship.

    I’ve never understood your leaning toward O’Reilly. I find him to be a pompous ass. He’s certainly no conservative.

    Different strokes. I always respect your opinion. I’ll check out your sites.

    Truth is, I don’t trust any of them.


    1. Some 20 years ago, during an interview, a very young Tucker Carlson predicted the inevitable downfall of Mr. O’Reilly. Took awhile, but wow, quite prophetic!


    2. Ray: Sure, O’Reilly’s conservative. He sure ain’t a lefty or even a middle-of-the-roader, if such a thing can even exist today. And now that he’s on his own, doing the internet thing, he’s even more conservative than when he was on Fox, trying at times to be “even-handed.” As for being a pompous ass, well, yeah, he is, but at least he’s our pompous ass. The other side has numerous pompous asses, almost more than can be counted. When O’Reilly and I part company, it’s almost always due to his Catholic stances on some issues. And he is totally clueless about the reality of Mexico. Nobody’s perfect.


  2. I enjoy reading Drudge simply because of its format. Kind of all-over-the-place selection. Kind of USA today without all the pictures.
    Funny Mark mentioned Tucker Carlson, I can only handle about 15 minutes of him, he is pretty intense and a great debater. I worked in San Francisco at KGO TV with his father in the ’60s, Richard Carlson, who was later head of the Voice of America, a family that was and still well connected.


  3. Those are good sources, Felipe. I also like Drudge, Tucker Carlson and a few others I found off a list posted by some millenial of ‘alt right’ fake news sites to avoid.


    RCP seems to post articles from both sides of the spectrum.
    ZH is more focused on the market/economy and when it’s going to crash. (They haven’t been right yet!)
    PJM is a little more focused on their Christian base.
    Infowars may come across as overly excited and sensational, but I find Alex Jones entertaining, and I like him because he pisses off the left.

    Most of the MSM seem to report the same stuff with the same spin as if they are all in lockstep. I, like you, was pulling for Trump even though I’m not American. I still think he’s doing as good a job as possible given all the pushback from every quarter. Draining the swamp was never going to be easy. I’m embarrassed that we in Canada have an idiot for a PM. Cheers.


    1. Brent: RCP is good. I used to read that one. Don’t recall why I quit. Zero Hedge is good, but a tad on the Doomsday spectrum. Not familiar with PJMedia. I’ll take a look. Alex Jones, as you note, comes across as near hysterical at times, too much for my taste. But irritating leftists is always a positive.

      As for Canada having an idiot PM, yes, you do. I send condolences.

      By the way, your comment was sidelined to the moderation pile, I imagine, due to the numerous links.


  4. Señor, please keep those votes coming every election cycle. Us old folks need all the help we can get against those pesky lefties.


  5. Three of my favorite sites are sott(dot)net, climatedepot(dot)com, and antiwar(dot)com. They are an alternative to fake news.


  6. I like Ben Shapiro, and I find Andrew Klavan to be hysterical in his opening monologues. I don’t agree fully with either in terms of their policy views, but they are both straight shooters whom I respect. However, The Daily Wire also reports its share of ridiculous, outrage-generating stories also. So it has to be taken with a grain of salt.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are growing somewhat tired of politics, or at least incessant politics.


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