Card from Mexico


THERE I WAS, sitting on the green equipal loveseat with my back to the window where morning sunlight was pouring in. My child bride had just made up the bed and departed from the bedroom, leaving me alone.

Well, that looks nice, I said to myself, so I shot a photo.

Another postcard from Mexico.

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  1. Señor, is there no end to your musings? Well of course not, and all the better for the rest of us that you willingly share many.

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  2. I usually wake up around 6:30 and turn off my exterior security light. I then make a decision to either stay up and make some coffee or go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

    Fortunately, my bedroom faces west so I am not disturbed by the morning sunlight pouring in if I want some more shut-eye. Retirement has its advantages.


  3. I am surprised that you do not have a brightly colored bedspread. We ordered one yesterday in King Size . It is striped with bright colors, a special beading strip in between the colors. Then it has a fringe around the edges. It comes from Ohauca (sp?) and is hand loomed. Sure hope it gets here by the time we leave.


    1. Beverly: I played with the photo a bit for atmosphere. I made it mostly black & white with a touch of remaining color. The faint color is most notable with the bedspread and the blue pot in the foreground. The bedspread is reversible. There’s a multicolored design on the other side. Currently, we’re using the solid side which is bright red, not how you see it in the photo.

      I imagine the bedspread you ordered is from Oaxaca. It’s pronounced more or less how you wrote it phonetically. You’re leaving at the end of this month, correct? Whether you will get it or not is a total crapshoot.

      One thing that you can absolutely take to the bank is that whatever the person you bought it from said about the delivery date can be totally ignored. It’ll get there when it gets there. Buena suerte.


    1. All is fantastic, Mike. We’re heading into the very best time of the year here on the mountaintop. November is the best month of the year, and late October is not far behind. Saludos to la señora Mike!


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