Lazy Sunday


WE DECIDED to veg out on Sunday. We often do that.

After driving downtown for a restaurant meal at Mexican lunch time, 2 o’clock, we returned about 3:30, put on our jammies, and started a movie on Netflix.

After an hour, however, we got antsy, so we paused the movie (City of Tiny Lights, quite good), got dressed again and headed out the gate for a neighborhood stroll.

I carried the camera.

Generally preferring black & white photography, I made an exception for the top shot because it’s all about color.

It’s a relatively new house near us that was constructed about two years ago. It’s the only casa in the barrio that gives us competition in the color category. But let’s continue on.


This is a mural right off the plaza. It’s pretty new too. The fellow looking over the mountains is Lázaro Cárdenas, president of Mexico in the late 1930s, and the guy responsible for nationalizing the oil industry, a mistake.


We sat on a steel bench on the plaza and watched people. There weren’t many people out and about, but these two boys were enjoying non-electronic toys.


These ladies were sitting outside a small store.


This wall facing the plaza is directly next to the 16th Century church. That’s church property behind the wall. Some young folks painted this stuff a few months ago. It includes Pancho Villa and the obligatory Ché Guevara.

I’ve thought about coming down here one night and blotting Ché out, but I likely will never get around to it.

Pancho Villa was no prize either.


Before we headed back to the Hacienda, I entered an open building, turned around, and took this photo. I like open-door photos. The entryway gave access to an interior courtyard where local ladies cook and sell grub on Sundays.

Over open fires.

I took about 25 shots total, but I didn’t want to test your patience as most people would do. These are my favorites.

11 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Felipe: I’ve traveled quite a bit, on my own and on the Tribune’s nickel, and can assure you that Ché’s mug is everywhere around the world. No place to hide from it.

    Other than Ché, it is sounds like a nice Sunday.



    1. Señor Lanier: Oh, I’m quite aware of the ubiquitousness of Ché. He has huge appeal to those legions of people who want government to babysit them. One must wonder if Ché’s popularity would be so high had not that famous photo been taken, the one that makes him look so glamorous and romantic with that beret and scraggly beard. I truly think much of his fame was caused by that single photo.


  2. I love Sundays too. Mainly because we’re going back to Mexico next Sunday. It’s rain 24/7 in Vancouver now, but the local mouthpieces still blabber on about being “the best place in the world.” At times it is, but not now nor for the next six months. Bienvenidos. I’m out of here.


    1. Brent: You gotta be the only guy in the world who complains about Vancouver. I’ve never been there, but it has a very good reputation, aside from its being in the Socialist Paradise of Canada and having that airhead pretty boy at the government’s helm. Aside from that.

      Still raining there? The rain is winding down here. Might even have stopped, so you’ll be arriving in the very best time of the year.

      We await you.


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