Hacienda doings

BEEN QUIET of late, so here’s what’s happening.

As I write this around 9 a.m. Saturday, I’m waiting for Abel the Deadpan Yardman to arrive for the weekly lawn trim. For a few days it looked like the rainy season had wound down, but Thursday we were deluged with torrents and hail.

Enough already!

* * * *

Soon, for a few days, we’ll be in Mexico City tending to chores related to having an apartment there, dusting, sweeping, paying bills. The visit will end the longest spell we’ve not done this since we “moved in” over a decade ago.

Eight months of absence.

We were planning, as usual, to visit the first week of September, but we held off for some reason I don’t recall. This was fortunate because we would have been sleeping in our fourth-floor bedroom when the first quake hit.

Let’s wait a month, we decided.  Then, two weeks later, the larger quake hit. Growing more apprehensive, we delayed again. So, in a few days more … with our fingers crossed.

If we don’t survive, know that I’ve enjoyed interacting with you — well, some of you. Most remain mum — these 12 years.

* * * *

I have a tip regarding the internet.

I’ve used all the major browsers and some lesser-known ones too. I like to experiment, plus I have all the free time in the world. You know the biggies, Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Opera’s fairly big too, used mostly by Europeans.

Opera is excellent, by the way.

serveimageI’ve also tried Brave, Yandex, Vivaldi and others that I’ve forgotten. But recently I hit the jackpot with a browser I’d never heard off. I found it on a list of ten-best for 2017. It was right there in the middle.


Had it been my list, I would have put it at the top. It is clean, logical, fast and good-looking (looks count!). There is a fast-responding user forum if you need it.

Copying photos off the web requires one click! Maxthon is full of fun surprises, and it’s superior to all the biggies.

One particular item I like is its password saver. Most browsers include their own password saver, but they don’t seem serious about it. Maxthon’s is locked tighter than the proverbial drum, but is also incredibly easy to use. This means you don’t have to mess with Dashlane, Lastpass and their ilk.

Maxthon was born in 2003, and it’s the brainchild of Chinamen. Now it’s headquartered in San Francisco, California, not China.

No charge for this tip.

(An internet amiga is still using Netscape!)

* * *  *

My child bride began the process last Tuesday of getting four tooth implants. A few weeks ago, I ended the same process with only one implant. She is something of a dental sissy, and we’ve had lots of drama since Tuesday.

The immediate aftereffects of having four posts pushed into her jaws have calmed a bit by this morning, and we’re both happy for that. She returns to the dentist next Thursday. I don’t know what for, and neither does she.

A checkup, one imagines.

Usually, a three-month wait follows the post insertions. Then the new teeth are screwed into the posts. Currently, her posts sport temporary teeth.

My temp tooth fell off twice in the first month, so I just passed the next two months looking like a Caribbean pirate.

Modern dental technology is amazing and, of course, it costs far less here than it does above the Rio Bravo.

Another great reason to live in Mexico.

* * * *

And that’s all the news for this morning.

25 thoughts on “Hacienda doings

  1. Please don’t stay away so long, I enjoy the reads too much. (Particularly your commentary on the radical left implosion.)


    1. Carlos: Thanks for the positive vibes but, as you may have noticed, I’ve been laying off the lunacy above the border for the most part. I think it’s beyond redemption. While a majority, I’m sure, of Americans still retain good sense and a proper perspective, the problem is that much, likely the overwhelming majority, of youth is brainwashed by the ignoramuses who populate the educational system from kindergarten to universities. The evil result of that cannot be overestimated. People are coming behind us who are stunningly clueless, naive and spoiled to the gills.


  2. Felipe, you lead an exciting life: Earthquakes, tooth implants, internet discoveries. Recently I tried a search engine named duckduckgo that is actually pretty good and is supposed to keep your identity private.

    Good luck to your wife at the dentist. Four implants (simultaneously?) is a lot going on in your mouth. If they work properly, though, you’ll never have to worry about those choppers again.


    1. Señor Lanier: Exciting life? But I’ve never been to Iceland, and I never will, so you’re one up on me with that.

      I’ve been using the oddly named duckduckgo for about a year. It is good. I’ll use anything over Google. For some reason, duckduckgo is not a search option on Maxthon, so I’ve switched to Bing.

      Yep, four implants simultaneously. I doubt I would have done that, but that’s what the dentist recommended, so that’s what she’s doing. At least, once it’s done, it’s done.

      We’re keeping our fingers crossed.


  3. Thank God or some such beacon of light. I thought you had been swept away by a horde of aliens or maybe a host of NOB Trumpiers had come to take you back to give sage support to the Trumpmiester. All is good now, wife has new teeth, gardens looking pretty and I’m hoping you have practised your “Drop and Cover” technique before heading to the Capital City.


    1. Bob: A five-day lapse is rather rare here. I tend to be more verbose. But, as mentioned, we’ve had quite a bit of drama here at home due to the dental issue, but that seems to be fading. I told her it was just a matter of patience, but did she listen? Noooooooooo.

      And, as usual, I was correct.

      As for Trump needing my sage advice, I think he’s doing just fine on his own. Bless him.

      And my wife does not have her new teeth yet. The process is just beginning. With luck, she’ll have them in three more months.


  4. Somewhat off topic but do you think it is worth a trip to the “Big City” for Christmas? Have heard conflicting opinions…thanks..


    1. Peggy: Not off-topic at all. I did mention the Big City after all. I assume you are speaking of Mexico City. I’m probably not the best guy to ask. I really dislike going there at any time of the year. It’s simply too congested and nuts for my druthers. The traffic alone would keep me from visiting were it not necessary for us. I’ve never been there for Christmas, so …


  5. It’s been a good year so far. Each year in Mexico keeps getting better and better. There’s not much we can do about the weather or natural disasters. At least we’ve had several consecutive days of sunshine and most of the rain occurs at night.

    Life here has a slower pace and is considerably more tranquil.


  6. Ah, leaving when the hordes return, smart idea. We have been using Opera lately. Got tired of Firefox’s constant upgrades which impacted the experience. Might try your Maxthon, see if it blows up the computer.

    Netscape? That’s like someone still using aol.com or CompuServe. I probably should not say anything. I think I still have an AOL account somewhere, but I think they were closing up shop I read somewhere.

    Enjoy your venture to the big city, stay safe, try Uber. Today has been nice, but I see the dark clouds a-comin’.


    1. Tancho: Fleeing for the Day of the Dead has not been possible for us the last few years because we had tenants in our Downtown Casita. We always stick around to solve any potential problems for tenants. But this year, no one wanted to rent it for Los Muertos.

      Yep, I actually know someone who uses Netscape. I won’t mention her name to avoid embarrassment. I think she drives a Model T, but I could be wrong about that. AOL is alive and relatively well still. I have another friend who uses AOL for email. Old School, but not so much as Netscape.

      As for Uber, not likely to try it. Due to the complexity of finding our apartment in Mexico City, we never phone for a cab. We just walk half a block to the nearest street and hail one. Works fine.


    2. PS: I think you’ll really like Maxthon. It’s significantly different than any of the numerous other browsers I’ve been through and all in good ways. The differences are mostly easy to learn and if you get stumped the user forum is quite responsive.


      1. I loaded it up and it is different, but I think an afternoon peeking around may be enough to get it usable for me. It is really a nice clean platform and appears to have some good items such as the password sync. thanks for the info.


        1. Tancho: You are quite welcome. I’m here to please. One aspect I particularly like is the way you can organize bookmarks. It takes a little time to grasp but, once grasped, it’s great.

          I always keep two browsers on my machine, one for a backup. For years, my main man was Chrome, which is very good, but Google’s politics began to annoy too much, so I dumped it and promoted my backup (Opera) to the #1 spot, and returned to Firefox for the backup. But Firefox has issues, which you know, plus I don’t like their politics either. When I happened upon Maxthon about 10 days back, I dumped Firefox, demoted Opera to #2, and now Maxthon is my #1.

          For many, many years, Gmail was my primary email, but on dumping Chrome, I opted for consistency and don’t use Gmail any longer even though mail sent to me there is forwarded to Fastmail, which is spectacular. It’s my primary email.


  7. While in DF, check out “Mexicráneos,” great artwork of skulls. Will be on Reforma. Slightly prejudiced as my cousin, Paul Zarkin Church, is in charge of the presentation.


    1. Señor Leathersich! There you are. Thanks for the tip. I did an internet search about that. Looks like fun. We should be passing through that area at some point. I am a fan of craneos, Mexican or otherwise.

      Can’t resist the urge — do forgive — to point out that there is no DF anymore. Hasn’t existed for a couple of years or more. CDMX, señor! La Ciudad de México.


  8. Well, I’m hoping you’ll post something about CDMX. I’m waiting with bated breath.


    Kim G
    Half Moon Bay, Ca
    Where the roads are thick with people out buying locally grown pumpkins.


    1. Kim: Whether I write something about the Big City depends on whether anything worth writing about happens. We will see.

      Half Moon Bay. I’ve always liked the name of that town.


  9. Well there you are, señor. My imagined stories would have had you much worse treated than any behaviors by alien captors. But never mind. You are still a primary source of information and entertainment.

    We saw La Gringa’s old childhood friend who lives in Oaxaca City yesterday at the class reunions in her little Texas town.

    Best of luck with the CDMX apartment. Do you rent that place short term? And, best of everything with the tooth drama. You are obviously a man of considerable patience and understanding.


    1. Ricardo: You flatter me and almost make me blush. Keep it up.

      And no, we do not rent the Mexico City place. When we’re not there, it just sits quiet, sad and lonely. It now serves entirely as an investment for my wife’s future. In spite of earthquakes, the value of the place just increases as the previously (mostly) industrial neighborhood gets trendier and trendier. We ride the trend.

      And it’s located north of downtown, which is less prone to quake damage than are the southern zones.


  10. Wishing you an uneventful trip to the city. I have Opera on my phone, I guess I should look at it. Hate cell phones but in six weeks we move to Vancouver Island and will kill our landline, so I better figure the cell phone out.


    1. Shelagh: Yes, an uneventful trip is what I hope we have. Just bought the bus tickets online. Thanks for the best wishes.

      Vancouver Island, eh? That should be quite nice. Cell phones are easy, especially if you just use them for (Gads!) phone calls and text messages. That’s what I do.

      Your comment went to the moderation pile because there was a typo in your email. FYI. I fixed it.


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