Sublime November

Very blue sky. And cool air.

NOVEMBER, ALWAYS the best month, almost there.


It feels like November even though it’s not quite yet.

I took these two photos this morning. A gentle breeze was ringing the wind chimes on the veranda. Earlier, inside the living room, I took the photo below. That’s sunlight.

Of course, The Unseen Moon has seen variations of these photos before — I am one to repeat, a core right of the geriatric set — but never before on the morning of 25 October of the year of the Goddess 2017.

Sunlight through yon window.

11 thoughts on “Sublime November

  1. I especially like that last picture. Nice. By the way, el norte arrived last night here on the east coast and cooled things down somewhat. November is nice here too. It’s the low season with few gringos and lower prices. You might even like it !


    1. Brent: I do like low prices. But October is the tail end of the low season. You’ll see those prices shoot up soon in those coastal tourist zones.

      But yes, I do love low prices. I am a poor pensioner.


  2. Qué rico, Felipe! It looks simply marvelous there! I hope you are have a lovely afternoon, Felipe. Love the photos!


    1. Ricardo: Indeed it does count. After the period 1995-2000 (beginning with my last wife running off with the Mexican yard boy to my move to Mexico), five of the worst years of my life, tranquilo is at the top of my list, even all these years later.


  3. It’s be absolutely lovely the last couple of days, about time. I was getting a little waterlogged.

    Time to go it outside and enjoy the last of the sun.


    1. Tancho: I think we can be 95% sure the rainy season has ended. Maybe not. Raining on the Day of the Dead happens now and then, so we’ll have to get to November 2 to declare it over. Not long.


  4. November is when it starts to get seriously cold in Boston, with frost common toward the end of the month. Time to haul out all the winter clothes, long underwear, scarves, sweaters, gloves, and all those things that make getting out of the house a 20 minute hassle.

    Here in California, it’s just more cool and lovely temperatures, probably much like what you have there.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where summer has made an unexpected return after more fall-like temperatures.


    1. Kim: Sorry to hear summer made an unexpected return. Of course, here where I live, summer is quite nice if you don’t mind all the rain, and I don’t. But now it’s time to stop, and it’s gonna do that.

      As for Boston, I’ve only lived in snow very briefly in my entire life. Not a fan. Once was about a month at Rantoul Air Force Base, Illinois, in 1962. Jeez, that was cold, and I had to go out and march in it at dawn. The second time was just a week or less in Nashville, also in the 1960s.

      I’m also not a fan of heat and humidity. Where I live now avoids both those nasty extremes. ¡Qué bueno!

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