Joy of Trump

ABC NEWS and The Washington Post, two paragons of unbiased journalism, recently put their heads together to do a poll. Not shockingly in the slightest, they found that most Americans think Trump is doing a lousy job.

serveimageThe pollsters they hired, one imagines, especially me, are the same ones who predicted a Hillary landslide last November. Ooops-a-daisy!

One aspect of the Trump presidency that I have been following with smiles is his campaign against regulations. These are virtual laws put forth by people in government who’ve not been elected to anything whatsoever.

But they excel at regulations, and the United States currently staggers under regulations. One of Trump’s campaign promises was that two regulations would be canceled for every new regulation dreamed up.


Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program. — Milton Friedman


Trump has far exceeded the two-one rule. Last I read, it was about seven-one. Yes, seven regulations killed for each new one created. Regulations, if you’re not aware, have a very oppressive effect on the economy and society.

But bureaucrats love to create regulations. It justifies their jobs and makes them feel good about themselves. Trump’s war on regulations is one of the many fine aspects of his presidency so far. Here are more details.

Leftists will not see this as positive because they love a heavily regulated society, which is antithetical to liberty.

I propose a new regulation (at least two others will have to be destroyed). It will require everyone who votes for the Democrat Party to be rafted to Cuba. They will find many regulations there, and they will live happily ever after.

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  1. Ooops, Señor Zapata, perhaps you have once again ruffled the feathers of observers with your political antics. True they are, and that quickly gets in the face of the lefties and just will not mesh with their narrative. Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t much like the Don personally. But then I didn’t like that last guy either. And he did a lot of damage in many areas. You get almost as many comments when you speak of the Don as when you speak of the Muslims. Carry on sir.

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    1. Ricardo: One man’s antics are another man’s astute observations. As for the Don, I think he’s doing as well as can be expected given what he’s up against from the dinosaurs in both political parties.

      Trump was in Japan yesterday, maybe still is, but, unlike Weepy Barry, he did not give a deep, obsequious bow to the emperor. He merely shook hands, as did Melania. Good for them. I still have not forgiven those people for the Bataan Death March. I don’t care if they do make good cars.

      And as for Muslims, I prefer the term Mohammedan. It’s accurate and it irritates PC people, always a wonderful thing.


  2. Let’s make sure Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are the first passengers on the raft. The two of them are dragging down the Democratic party as examples of leftist dogmatists of the worst sort. One of their lies makes every truth that may come from them even less believable.


    1. Carole: My former party, the Democrats, have descended down a dark, deep rabbit hole where snakes have invaded, eating the baby rabbits, and taking up residence atop their own foul-smelling excrement.

      It’s a lamentable thing.


  3. So where will all the unemployed bureaucrats go for a job? My hope is that the flat tax will become a reality, which would empty out several more DC buildings. A dream worth fruition.

    The Don is doing a decent job, based on the almost impossible task of downsizing the govmint, which the thought of is by itself attractive but overwhelming.

    The fires in California are a perfect example of over-regulation. The fuel was primarily because greenies didn’t want any forests managed. Whereas nature does a fine job of doing that, and that is exactly what it did. Unfortunately, there were 8000 buildings that took the brunt of it.

    Here in Mexico they slash and burn every season, and it keeps stuff under control. The president has a tough job. It would be nice if they left him alone for a while to do it. We can dream at least.


  4. If you don’t talk to the people who actually voted for The Donald … reminds me of Truman holding a paper with a headline that announced Dewey had won.


  5. “Chinese Trump fans are seriously and truly invested, and you had better not make light of offending them.” They are preparing to welcome rich, powerful, ‘free-spirit’ Trump.


  6. Comrade Felipe: Hate to dampen your enthusiasm, but Trump is pretty unpopular across the board, on any polls even Fox News.

    As far as deregulation, I agree that too much of it tends to stifle creativity and economic growth. But some is essential. I don’t want the likes of Dow Chemical, Exxon or Wall Street to self-regulate along the lines of “whatever is good for us is good for everybody.” It isn’t.

    But you miss the dilemma facing the country. It’s not a policy dilemma but one over Mr. Trump, who is a pathological liar and personally a vile human being. If Romney, Hunt or any other sane Republicans were pushing those policies I would have an easier time accepting them.

    Now I’m worried about Trump and Korea, and getting us into another Iraq/Afghanistan disaster. I hope the adults in the White House keep an eye on any red buttons in the Oval Office.

    Out of curiosity: What would it take for you to give up on Trump? What would he have to do for you to say, “That’s over the line!” Or is this affair between the two of you an “until death do us apart” kind of thing?

    Someone is sinking a well near us without a permit. I hope those nasty regulators show up and shut him down.



    1. Señor Lanier: Polls have become quite suspect since all those last year who predicted a big Hillary win. As for whatever unpopularity Trump faces, it is due to either (1) Democrat hysteria — that would be you, for example — or (2) Republicans who simply are not paying attention. Trump’s doing a fine job, far exceeding what I expected of him. He would be making even more headway were it not for the Democrats in cahoots with the GOP dinosaurs in D.C.

      Of course, regulations are needed, but they have long since flown completely out of control.

      As for Trump being a vile human being and a pathological liar, I disagree. As for North Korea, something meaningful must be done, and I think Trump will do it. Your boy Barry certainly did nothing.

      Oh, I imagine there are plenty of nutty things Trump could do for me to give up on him, but he’s not done anything of that sort or even come close, and he won’t. Trust me. I think he’s great, a breath of fresh air in the Oval Office.


  7. Chinese people are impressed that he is extremely rich, he loves things splendid and magnificent, and he loves to show off. Not every billionaire is like that,” said Yin Hao, who translates American news and comedy clips for his nearly one million followers on Weibo. Quote and unquote. Qualities all great dictators aspire to. We think he’s disgusting.


    1. Bordercross: Oh, I know why the Chinese are impressed by him. It’s his razzmatazz, his flashy lifestyle.

      Disgusting? On the contrary, he’s a breath of fresh air in D.C., and so much fun to watch as he ignores and steamrolls every bit of political correctness people try and toss at him. He’s my kind of guy in that respect, more than anything.


      1. The quote I’m apparently not doing a good job of quoting from your link explains why the Chinese are impressed with Trump. Just passing info along. Never mind. Now I’m bored.


  8. Hi Felipe. I wasn’t going to wade into this … but what the hell. Since 98% of the mainstream media is against him it’s hard to get a true picture of his accomplishments. They are too busy looking for any crumb that can be spun into an anti-Trump rant, like how boorish he was feeding Koi in Japan, when he did exactly the same thing as Abe! Now he’s in S. Korea actually giving an olive branch to the nutcase in the north. He’s an expert negotiator and playing good cop/bad cop. If he can work out some deal with N. Korea and allow the nutcase to save a little face it would be pure genius. One can only hope.

    The border wall is about to start construction and Mexico IS paying for it through 20% less tourism because of the U.S. travel advisory. Glad to hear about him getting rid of regulations as promised. Now if he can only cut the 17 intelligence agencies down to a reasonable number … like who needs that many? The stock market is up some 5 trillion. Saudi Arabia has purged the Obama/Clinton operatives, I’m sure at the request of Trump. I think Donald has done extraordinarily well for only being in office just over six months. It’s sure fun to watch unless you’re a Democrat.


    1. Brent: Since 98% of the mainstream media is against him it’s hard to get a true picture of his accomplishments.

      You are quite right. Since the vast majority of the population is not really paying much attention (Facebook, taking selfies, etc.) to what Trump is actually doing, they’re just ingesting the nonstop vitriol spewed by most of the media.

      I think too that he has done extraordinarily well, and he’s been in office about 10 months, not six. How time flies.

      He was one year ago this week that Trump won the election, and the Democrats are still screaming to high heaven, rolling on the floor and bawling like babies. Incredible.


    1. Yes, it’s rather ironic that Hillary Clinton spent a lot of time saying that if DT didn’t accept the results of the election that he’d be a threat to our democracy. Yet here she is, along with her deranged party, being a threat to American democracy.

      To quote Trump, “Sad!”


  9. Well gosh, golly, gee Señor.
    You have really poked some folks in the eye here.
    This is getting better than your comments regarding Mohammedans and the reactions to those comments. Let’s add another level here:
    I can tell you why church membership and attendance is down among most Christian denominations in the USA. It is because a lot of people have created their own version of what’s right and wrong and have busied themselves with being Politically Correct as the new religion. Some of these folks are getting really good at playing God.
    Being old has its advantages. Carry on sir.

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    1. Ricardo: You made me think of something, the fact that atheism is a religion. Atheists will deny this, of course, but atheism is just as much a religion as Catholicism or Southern Baptism. One aspect of the Atheist religion is their firm belief they know what happens after death (nothing, according to them) although they have absolutely no proof of it. They take it on faith. Faith!


  10. Yes sir. Part of my point exactly.
    Most of us humanoids are really good at being God once we practice a little. Most of us never admit it. I was raised hard-shell Southern Baptist, spent most of my life trying to live it down. Burned a lot of energy trying to point out all those folks had wrong. Only to finally determine that I should have focused on what they have right (and overlooked the human foibles we all are blessed with as part of the humanoid condition).
    Circles – as the Asians say.
    As for me, I’m done playing God. Too busy for it. I believe the Goddess will understand.

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  11. Well, Felipe, I’m enjoying the twitting of the PC crowd and the MSM as much as you. But Trump has now been rather disappointing. Let’s take healthcare. It’s pretty clear he doesn’t understand the issue, and as such cannot provide leadership to a Congress which doesn’t understand it either. But plainly put, healthcare in the USA is a ripoff, e.g., the price is ridiculously too high. We spend 70% more on healthcare (as a % of GDP per capita) than the OECD average (which includes us). Any so-called healthcare reform should have focused on this problem, not on health insurance schemes. If we could push the cost of healthcare down to the OECD average, then insurance options would take care of themselves.

    On tax reform, we have the same problem. Trump’s economic advisor, Gary Cohen, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin should have come up with something MUCH more detailed, and with all of the bugs worked out before they took it to Congress. Now we find that it’s nothing more than a special tax break for oligarchs and corporations. Yes, I think the US corporate rate is too high as it encourages US corporations to re-domicile to somewhere else. But they could have easily done something to lower the taxes on profits abroad, and/or have made the rates progressive. And yes, I understand that any tax cut is going to go to the so-called “rich” because they are the only ones that pay any material amount of tax. But all that said, tax reform is nothing more than an fairly meaningless tweak (if it even manages to get passed, which I doubt).

    And finally, we now have the party of so-called “fiscal responsibility” in charge of all three branches of gov’t, and what are they doing? Why, they are making the deficits even worse than they’d have been under the scoundrel Obama. By the way, it’s worth noting here close to the peak of the business cycle that the gov’t budget should now be in surplus or at least balanced if real adults were running things in a fiscally responsible manner. But they aren’t and the current crowd gives ZERO confidence that this BIG problem will ever be addresssed.

    Oh, and finally, on infrastructure. Where’s the beef? Trump ran on rebuilding infrastructure, and even had and “infrastructure week” but nothing’s been passed, and no infrastructure has been improved.

    What this country needs is a real leader who can explain that we can either spend on infrastructure and making America great again, or we can pay late- middle-aged people to not work, and run military interventions around the globe. But we can’t do it all.

    Unfortunately, we have chosen the latter two, and we will eventually pay a big price.

    I thought Trump would be a truth-teller on these matters. He’s not. Count me as disappointed.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we increasingly think there’s no one fiscally responsible anywhere in American government.


    1. Kim: You are right on all counts. Trump is not doing as good a job as those of us who voted for him had hoped. In part, I think the fact that all Democrats and many Republicans oppose him is making his work more, say, challenging.

      But I continue with a smile on my face. A year after his election, he still sends the lefties into hysteria. What’s not to love there? And remember that there were only two real choices in the election. Trump and Hillary, a no-brainer decision.

      Fact is that the United States is beyond hope. I truly believe that. Trump’s just slowing the slide down a bit. Better than nuttiin’. It’s a good time to be a Mexican.

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