Bougainvillea butchery


THAT’S ABEL the deadpan yardman cutting the bougainvillea down to size, or at least less large, last Saturday.

He also mowed the lawn. It probably was the final mow of the season because it has stopped raining. In the summer it rains every day, every freaking day.

November is our loveliest month, incomparable. The sky is blue. The air is cool. The mountains are green. The birds sing. You really cannot beat November in these parts.

No later than January, we’ll be taking out the grass to the left of the sidewalk, part of a project to eliminate all grass except in the middle semicircle. The green-and-yellow maguey you see on the left will be removed and trashed. All the area beyond the sidewalk will become stone and concrete.

The grass at the bottom right of the photo will remain. It’s part of the semicircle in the middle of the lawn.

That maguey’s removal will be the final one. We had five. Three were of the sort you see in the photo, which grow to monster size. The other two were smaller tequila magueys. I planted them all when they were little, thinking they were cute. They became a colossal nuisance. I am to blame.

We have others that are confined in planters. You see one there in the middle of the photo. Word to the wise: Never let a maguey escape from a planter. It will turn on you.

It will not show you love.

But November is here, and it is beautiful.

12 thoughts on “Bougainvillea butchery

  1. I can vouch por la clima en noviembre. Our magueys don’t get enough sun and they struggle but they serve.


  2. Your November is much sweeter than mine right now Felipe. We got 1 1/2 ” of snow last night. The yard is looking great! “Deadpan” does good work!
    Saludos to the Mrs.


    1. Mike: I feel your pain. I have lived in snow only a few months in my entire life. Not a fan.

      Yes, Deadpan does do good work, and he does it quickly. Saludos to you and the entire family. Bundle up.


  3. I am sorry that you are taking out your grass. So many people here do the same thing. They think it will be so much less maintenance, but it isn’t. The weeds grow right through the weed barrier and the rocks. It is hard to walk through the rocks and is so ugly compared to grass. There are a few that have the rocks removed after a couple of years, lots of people just complain! Just saying……


    1. Beverly: Not gonna remove all the grass, just most of it. I was going to do a larger portion of the yard soon, but due to other expenses, I’ll just do a relatively small section, and then continue in 2019 if I’m still alive.

      Grass and weeds do not grow up through what I have planned (empedrado) if it’s done right. The section of our property between the Alamo Wall and the street was done years ago, and nothing grows through it. As for its being hard to walk on, that depends on how it’s installed. The only maintenance required is the occasional sweep.

      I’ve never heard anyone complain about empedrado. Maybe you just have wussy neighbors!


    1. Señor Lanier: I do have plantaphobia. No denying it. Cute little things I planted years ago now tower 20-plus feet into the air. They toss off garbage. They have spikes. Truth is, I’d like to get rid of most of it.

      If I’d only known.


  4. You seem to be constantly complaining about your plants (which I assume you planted) growing too high. Gardening is a curse. I know. I enthusiastically planted every plant, shrub, perennial and tree known to man back in ’92. Sixteen years later we sold the property because the maintainence was growing exponentially. Sure looked good when we sold it though. I’d hate to see the jungle it’s become since 2008. Every day I thank my lucky stars I don’t have a garden to maintain.
    Glad to see you had the sense to hire someone to do the pruning and didn’t try to climb the ladder yourself.


    1. Brent: I am constantly complaining about the plants. The ones that don’t throw rotten fruit on the ground prefer to spear you with spines. And they have grown, and continue to grow, like mad.

      I do little gardening anymore, and I take care with ladders. The good thing is that help is cheap.

      I guess I should live in a high-rise.


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