The wailing continues

THIS WEEK marks the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s election victory.

Mobs of silly leftists gathered in the streets of New York City to literally howl at the skies to bemoan Hillary’s loss. I don’t have a video of that for your amusement.

However, I do have a video compilation of leftists reacting last year to Trump’s victory, and it’s very entertaining.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton is the only loser in a U.S. presidential election who refused to make a concession speech? She’s a woman with no class.

19 thoughts on “The wailing continues

  1. Yep. Pretty funny stuff. And really sad. Wonder how these folks would have reacted if us deplorables had these kinds of reactions when the Obamabear was elected. Nevermind.


    1. Carole: And here, a year later, it’s scarcely abated.

      I was particularly amused when the election smoke had barely cleared last year that so many on the losing side began calling for impeachment(!) in spite of their being absolutely no basis for doing that. Nada.


  2. Too bad more people didn’t fall off the emotional distress wagon and sacrifice themselves or even better move to Canada like so many promised. The picture says it all. They just can’t cope in today’s society.

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    1. Please don’t encourage them to move to Canada. Perhaps we should build a wall and get America to pay for it.


  3. Did you see the recent NY Times editorial entitled “The Apocalypse: One Year Later” about the Trump presidency? There is no clearer example of Trump Derangement Syndrome in print. You’d think the entire country had turned into Aleppo or something just from the headline. Also, read the comments. There are literally thousands of deranged people out there, gnashing their teeth at Trump every day.

    Sadly, very little has changed since the election, as every possible organ of the US gov’t has fought Trump tooth and nail. But even if Trump had his way, is “apocalypse” the correct way to describe a country that has a more vigorous enforcement of existing immigration law, and a slightly more conservative bent to many things? Not exactly.

    But all that said, it’s pretty clear from both the tax bills, and the failed healthcare reform, and doubling down on the morass in Afghanistan and elsewhere, that Trump is not exactly the president he campaigned to be. Count me as disappointed.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are increasingly convinced that US gov’t remains firmly in the hands of the oligarchs who don’t give a hang about the rest of us.


    1. Kim: The NYT is not on my regular reading list, so no, I did not see the editorial. The headline is a hoot indeed, but no surprise. By the way, the Los Angeles Times makes both the NYT and the Washington Post look like Trump supporters in comparison. The California rag is apoplectic on a regular basis regarding Trump.


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