Fanatical feminists shift from race to rape

HAVING WORN its “racist” cudgel down to laughable nub, the feminist left has turned to a new political weapon: sex in general, rape in particular.

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Sure, the leftists were tossing rape accusations — often false — left and right, especially on campuses, before Harvey Weinstein sent the issue into hyperspace, altering the entire landscape.

I’d be hard-pressed to write a full list of the men in the public sphere who’ve been labeled “sexual aggressors” since Harvey got outed.

Here are the facts: Men are horny. Some men don’t control themselves very well. Men in positions of power are notoriously irresponsible. This has gone on forever.

If a woman is actually raped, and I don’t mean groped, addressed with dirty words, or leered at, she should go to the police and press charges.

Maybe she’ll win, and maybe she won’t. It’s a dang tricky issue.

If she is simply groped, addressed with dirty words, or leered at, her reasonable, time-honored options are a kick in the groin, a slap in the face, or just walking away.

Sex is a very messy part of life, impossible to control.

The leftist hysteria, especially on campuses, has resulted in young men being very hesitant to even ask a woman for a date. This sits well with the feminist hordes since so many of them sport short bangs, pink hair and are lesbians or one of those other myriad genders they’ve dreamed up.

Militant feminists drive this firestorm as they’ve been driving so much of Western society for decades. But try as they may, they’ll never turn men into women.

Well, some of them they will. They already have.

18 thoughts on “Fanatical feminists shift from race to rape

  1. As per usual, Señor Zapata, some excellent points made in your statements. It appears odd to me that so many folks in our society seem unaware that these “sex” issues have always been among us humans. Not that it is excused by being there so long.
    Although it reeks of sex, a lot of this is about power and control. I would argue that the current fem militarists among us have that same set of issues. I doubt that they can see it.
    Place my bet all in on the fems ultimately losing on this one.


    1. Ricardo: Lose or not, the American culture is on a downward spiral and has been for decades now. I see no let-up. It’s a good time to live in Mexico. Would be even better were it not for the fact that what happens in America affects the entire world for both good and bad. Bad seems to be on top right now.


  2. Things are getting a little wierd out here in gringolandia… Hard to put it into words, but there is a sense of hostility between the sexes that was never there before… Gonna chalk it up to another victory for the Obumstead Rockettes….


    1. Mark: Your report from the battlefield does not surprise me in the slightest, of course. But I don’t think we can blame Weepy Barry. We can blame him for quite a bit, but he was a symptom of the changing culture, not a cause. And a nasty symptom he was indeed.


    2. Mark: I read a news story this morning that claims that 50 percent of Mexican women still have to get their husband’s permission to go outside alone. True? Who knows? My child bride has never asked permission to hit the streets. She just informs me as if she’s in charge. Being a bona fide Mexican now, perhaps I need to lay down the law, assert my macho-ness.


  3. As you mentioned men are naturally horny and nothing is going change that for awhile.
    What I find interesting is waiting for 25 or 35 years before doing or saying anything about it and what is the real motivation behind the charges. What is really sad is that some lives will ultimately be altered on both sides.
    What purpose is served by bringing up a grope from 30 years ago?


  4. As a female – there is a big difference between telling me I have a nice ‘insert-body-part-here’ and touching without the invitation, which is what groping is. I think you guys should consider that most of these women were 17-21 years old when this happened to them. Not enough maturity or life experience to know how to fend off someone in that kind of power position and still keep working. What I don’t understand is why these women weren’t talking among themselves. Unless, they are so competitive they aren’t forming friendships, which is sad.


  5. I may be wrong but Mexico seems to be a male-dominated misogynist society. Hopefully, that is changing.

    I’m sure glad I grew up in a simpler time when you summon up enough courage to put an arm around a girl at a movie or kiss her at the end of a date. If she didn’t like your advances she let you know and you respected her wishes. Today it seems as if you would need a lawyer present to both sign a document as to what was allowed and what wasn’t. Kind of sad.


    1. Brent: Having a lawyer present to write up documents for both “parties” to sign seems to pretty much sum up what the silly people on campuses favor. The ladies, that is, not the guys.


  6. This is just a new chapter in the gender war, political correctness, and weaponized femininity run amok where unsubstantiated claims of impropriety are used to destroy reputations in the media often for political reasons.


  7. Well, the big difference between “racist” and “molester/abuser” is that the latter charge is mostly being leveled against fellow leftists, making it an internecine war or weapon. Oh yeah, there’s the attack against Roy Moore, someone I don’t like. But whatever my feelings about Moore, it does seem highly suspicious that someone in high public office for literally decades only now faces charges of inappropriate conduct. Worse, he has yet to launch a defamation suit, which only bolsters his accusers’ claims in my view. We shall see what happens.

    Meanwhile, I always question the motives of these women who wait 20 or more years to level accusations, especially in cases of what appear to be rapes. Groping, while rude and inappropriate, seems best dealt with by a quick slap in the face. And in any case, being involuntarily groped should not be a life-traumatizing experience. It’s happened to me many a time, and I simply move on. And I’ve never had to do more than push away the offender to get him to stop. By the way, I’ve never been groped by a woman, which suggests that they are far better-behaved in such situations.

    As for Hollywood, I’ll paraphrase something someone wrote about gun violence, but now seems to be the (wildly hypocritical) case about sexual harassment: No one abhors sexual harassment more than Hollywood and no one does more to promote it.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we remain unmolested, at least for now.

    P.S. I like the new, white background which is much easier to read.


    1. Kim: The reason so many leftists are catching flak now in the feminists’ “anti-rapist” campaign is that most whom we’re hearing about are in showbiz, and that’s an industry full of proclaimed collectivists. And the reason so many women are coming out of the woodwork these days with charges of “sexual abuse” from decades back is that it’s now fashionable to do so.

      As for your being unmolested in Redding, may your luck soon improve.


  8. Another Paul Watson video that puts all this nonsense into perspective, at least from my perspective. A very, very few bad words involved but worth the watch (I think).


    1. Thanks, Brent. A good representation of my point. I like Watson.

      I deleted the link you left, and substituted the same video from YouTube. Doing that, as long as the YouTube link is on a separate line, puts the actual video here. Better.


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