My smartphone’s not too swift

I TOTE a smartphone, but it’s not the brightest bulb in the pack.

It’s the only one I’ve owned, and I’ve had it about four years. I bought it “pre-owned” on MercadoLibre for 1,000 pesos, which is about $53 U.S. today, but it was a bit more when I bought it.

It’s a Sony Xperia, and it’s so small that when I use my bank app to get a 12-digit code to use at an ATM when I don’t have my debit card, the phone cuts off the final digit of the code, making it useless. If only the screen were wider.

My phone is never connected to the internet except in my house where it uses my WiFi, and the only thing I do online is check balances at my two banks. I don’t do email or Google or anything of that sort. The primary reason is that my fingers are large, and the phone’s keyboard is small.

I use it 98 percent to send text messages to my wife and, occasionally, call someone, usually my wife. It’s a phone, fer crissakes.

I’m not averse to technology, but phones are too small for me. My child bride has a larger Samsung Galaxy, but I still find the keyboard annoying. I don’t like to be annoyed.

Some people type fast on a phone, and they do it with their thumbs, which is my biggest finger. Anyway, I don’t want to learn that because it would confuse my typing on my Hewlitt Packard All-in-One desktop machine.

I type 100 words per minute on that baby, something I learned in typing class in high school where I was the sole boy in a sea of girls.

Not only is my Sony keyboard small, the phone has limited storage. Usually, if I want to add a new app, it tells me that I first have to delete some other apps, just not enough room for a new one.

I don’t use many apps. I have the obligatory call blocker, a flashlight, a bluetooth skimmer to use around ATMs. You know about that? That pretty much sums up my phone apps. I’m a simple fellow. The Hacienda has no landline.

One might think, hey, he’s an old guy, so he cannot grasp high technology, but lots of people my age, probably most, carry high-tech phones. But not me.

Maybe one day, and I prefer “pre-owned.”

15 thoughts on “My smartphone’s not too swift

  1. The iPhone would celebrate its 10th birthday before I would get mine, and now that I’ve had it nearly a month, I have to admit that’s a game-changer. And now I love it with all my heart and soul, nearly as much as my little Doberman Morgen.

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      1. The disturbing part is probably that you could see yourself in the same position if you got a “real” smartphone. They are incredibly handy.


  2. I too was the only boy in my high school typing class. And I was faster than all the girls. Just got my wife’s hand-me-down iPhone and totally agree with you on typing (Or is it now called keyboarding?) with your thumbs. My 6-year-old grandson is a whiz with the thumbs. That will probably be the next evolutionary metamorphosis — survival of the fittest = skinny thumbs.


    1. Landslide Larry! I thought you had slipped into permanent lurking mode. Nice to see you, so to speak.

      iPhone, eh? Well, you’re traveling in style now. Congrats. I generally dodge Apple products due to the company being the Devil’s spawn, but I wouldn’t mind having an iPhone, but only if someone gifted me with it. It likely has a screen large enough to see that final digit in my bank code.

      But I sure ain’t paying those megabucks, especially for an arm of the Devil’s spawn.


  3. You might try one of those stylus/pen things. My wife is now addicted to hers. I get her to put in my wifi passwords because my fingers are too fat.


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