Downtown women, young and old



I’VE RESURRECTED yet another aspect of my previous WordPress theme, a link to my engaging photography. You’ll find it in the right column.

Perhaps not if you’re reading this on one of those goofy little phones.

Above are the two most recent additions. I’ve known the woman on the right in the top photo for many years. She has a wicked sense of humor and always tells me hi on passing. The one with her, on the other hand, is a nag, incessantly insisting you purchase her wares, which I’ve never done. Both are street vendors.

The young girl, well, she’s a young girl. Cute though.

4 thoughts on “Downtown women, young and old

  1. I was surprised to hear Vendors in Puerto Vallarta demanding that we buy their “wares.” We were told that they deserved our money because we were there enjoying their town. I suppose they forgot that we paid rent/utilities/groceries/restaurants/supported orphanages. Why does this woman demand you buy her wares?


    1. Beverly: The woman in question doesn’t demand that I buy her wares, but she can get very insistent. However, in the interests of full disclosure, I’ll admit that she now ignores me when she walks by due to my telling her “no thanks” so many times over the years. But she was quite annoying. The other one has never been annoying although she too has ceased to offer me stuff for the same reason, but she and I are buds of a sort. I like her attitude.

      As for Puerto Vallarta, the place is overrun with northern tourists, and that affects lots of things, particularly the attitude of the locals. Combine that with the sweltering, skin-peeling climate, I do hope that your next visit will be somewhere more agreeable.


  2. The lady with the Chinese finger puzzles is quite a character and very hard to blow off if one makes eye contact.


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