Obama is not a black man or a unicorn

BRACE YOURSELF for blasphemy! Barry Obama is not a black man. Nor is he a unicorn, a fairy or Bigfoot.

But everybody knows that Obama is a black man, that he was America’s first black president. Just one problem: He is not. It’s a myth like fairies, unicorns, Bigfoot and trolls who lurk beneath stone bridges.

momBarry’s been out of office now for almost a year, and people are still referring to him as a black man. That’s his mama in the mug shot. Does she look like a soul sistah to you?

Faux black woman Rachel Dolezal and faux Navajo Liz Warren would probably say yes, but they are not trustworthy. They are trolls. The left loves to fool you. Dolezal is not black. Warren is not an Indian. Obama was not America’s first black president. And most of the news media are not honest.

Barry’s mom was a white gal, 100% honkie, who wielded her “white privilege” back in the day. So if that’s Barry’s mama, how can he be black? Answer: He isn’t. He is biracial or, to use an out-of-style word, mulatto.*

unicornEver since Obama won his first presidential election, and everyone was crowing about his being the first black president, I have been pointing out the error at every opportunity. Barry is not black. He’s biracial, absolutely, demonstrably no more black than white.

He is not a unicorn either.

One wonders: What’s wrong with calling a spade a spade? (Sorry, but that was too big a target to pass up.) What’s wrong with being America’s first biracial president? Doesn’t that also demonstrate the nation’s progress?

fairyThe myth that Obama is black is so incredibly pervasive that even intelligent conservatives say he’s black. Everyone says he’s black.

But he’s not. And there’s nothing shameful about being biracial. It’s amazing how rampant myths can become. Even Barry says he’s black.

Hasn’t he taken a good look at his mama?

* * * *

* English Prince Harry’s fiancée, Megan Markle, is mulatta, demonstrating that mulattas can be major babes.

(Note 1: What prompted this now that Barry’s out of office? A post by a blogger I keep up with. She repeated the myth this week even though I corrected her about a year ago. Myths die hard, especially when you really, really want to believe in fairies, unicorns and that Barry is black.)

(Note 2: Back in 2012, Americans had a shot at nominating an actual black guy for president. I would have voted for him in a flash. Of course, leftists say he’s not really black due to his being conservative. Fairies! Unicorns!)

16 thoughts on “Obama is not a black man or a unicorn

  1. Yep, right again, sir. Obummie was and is a lot of things, one of those not being a black man. Unicorns are sometimes hard to come by and once found or created, even harder to dispense with. Why not be proud of being biracial? This Gringo just don’t get it. And you are right about the Markle Sparkle. Lordie, that woman is hot and has some real presentation about her. Even a prince noticed it and seems to have little problem with her being mullata.


    1. Ricardo: I’ve never been on board with this racial pride thing because it’s something one has absolutely no control over. The universe ordains our skin tone. We have squat to do with it.

      With that being said, I am proud to be a part of Western Culture, which is historically and predominantly white, the side of the world where, from about the 14th century on, most good things we enjoy today were born . Asia has come up with good stuff too, of course, often mixed with despotism. Africa and Latin America are, and continue to be for the most part, also-rans.


  2. I guess one can be whatever one wants to be in this world. The U.S. Army says, “Be all you can be.” Obama can be black; Elizabeth Warren can be Cherokee; Felipe Zapata can be Mexican. But that is just a legal technicality. If one is not happy with their sex, they can change it, and then change it back again. People change their minds all the time.

    I once knew a Baker Ward inmate who thought he was a thunderbird. But no matter how hard he flapped his arms, he couldn’t fly over those walls.


    1. Señor Gill: The Army misspoke, of course. Well, maybe not. Be all you can be is doable. Be all you want to be often is not. Liz Warren ain’t no Cherokee, and Barry Obama ain’t no black dude. But Felipe Zapata is a Mexican, definitely.

      As for the Baker Ward inmate (I assume that’s a prison or a nuthouse), he clearly could not be everything he wanted to be, but he could be, like the Army says, everything he could be.


  3. As an economic refugee in Mexico, I had the good fortune of missing all but six weeks of Obama’s presidency. I view his eight years in office as bad karma for the eight years of his predecessor, George W. Bush. I doubt that Clinton, Romney or McCain would have been any better or worse. They were all endorsed by the deep state.


    1. Andrés: My last visit to the United States was in January 2009 just before Barry was inaugurated, so I never walked the soil of Obama’s America. I pride myself in that.

      I very much disagree that the Clintons, Romney or McCain would have been no better than Barry. Romney and McCain are not PC people. The Clintons make PC noises strictly for votes, but they are not True Believers. Barry and that wife of his are True Believers. He flamed racial discord in America. He was the worst president in U.S. history, bar none. He was perfectly willing to import Mohammedans from nations with severe histories of terrorism, the ones Trump is sagely now putting a brake to. There have been other duds in the Oval Office, of course, but none reigned in such troubling, perilous times as did Barry. They were mostly space-holders.

      Even Hillary would have been better than another four years of Barry.


  4. But these days you can be whomever you want to be, whomever you identify with. Did you hear about the white guy who identifies as a Filipino woman? And after taking my DNA test with Ancestry, I found out I was one percent Spanish! That must explain why I have a tendency to fight bulls(hit). Go figure!


  5. I think my blood pressure has dropped this year two-fold. First, because Obama is gone (but not far enough) and, second, because I quit watching the news as much as I used to because there were no reasonable news sources.

    Actually, if you stepped back and looked and watched all the politicians, it makes for a comedy show only capable of being made in Washington. A good example is watching the latest sex scandal senator from the great state of Minnesota, Al Franken, who was a comedy writer before being catapulted to the Washington stage.


    1. Tancho: We do live in a far superior world now that the politically correct, faux “first black president” has departed the Oval Office. Let us be thankful for that. Can’t help but point out that though you and I — and millions like us– considered him a complete disaster we never took to the streets about it. We never droned on ad nauseam that he was mentally ill or that he should be impeached in the face of a total lack of evidence of wrongdoing. We never punched and kicked people in the streets who were wearing Obama caps. No, we acted like adults and never did any of that foolishness. We just lamented the fact that he was elected and waited for him to depart.

      Which he now has, thank God.


    2. PS, Tancho: While I agree with you the television news is almost entirely left-wing propaganda these days, finding accurate news online is a piece of cake:

      1. The Daily Caller.
      2. Washington Times.
      3. Gateway Pundit.
      4. Truth Revolt.
      5. PanAm Post.

      Give them a look-see.


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