Kwanzaa vs. Festivus: You decide

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YOU’VE SURELY heard of Kwanzaa, the Christmas substitute for black folks, and lots of black folks “celebrate” it too, to their everlasting shame.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the roots of Kwanzaa, click here for full details.

Best to stick with Christmas, soul bros.

But if you’ve got a problem with a White Christmas, here’s a fine alternative: Festivus! It’s a seasonal holiday that doesn’t include a criminal element.

6 thoughts on “Kwanzaa vs. Festivus: You decide

  1. Never heard of Kwanzaa or Festivus until now. If we have those two choices I go with Festivus. Saludos, señor. Enjoy that solitude while you can get it. No need for alone to equal lonely. It never has for me.


    1. Man, oh, man, Ricardo. On what deserted island have you been living? Kwanzaa is what it is, another way for disgruntled blacks to feel good about themselves while clearly having no clue.

      Festivus, as you likely noticed, was an element of the wildly popular Seinfeld television show. Please don’t tell me you never heard of Seinfeld either.

      As for being alone and loneliness, I think the former only leads to the latter if it is, or seems to be, a permanent situation. A permanent situation is not good for mental and emotional health. On the other hand, just being alone for a spell is good, at least for me. Some people don’t like it even for a minute or two. I say those people lack imagination.

      Enjoy the day!


  2. Seinfeld was just about the last series TV I watched. Some really funny stuff. As for Kwanzaa, I was probably on another planet at the time.


    1. Ricardo: Unlike most of America, I never saw the wildly popular Seinfeld show until many years later here in Mexico. I saw it on Netflix. When it was on regular TV, I was working nights at the newspaper.


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