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  1. Time passes, and it’s a better passage set to music.

    Learned to play the 120 bass accordion myself as a 6th-grader in a little isolated ranching community in Southern Colorado. Times were quite different then. No TV (at least for me), no computers or games on computers. No CNN. Movies were not rated and not often attended by us country folk. We all have our version of understanding time. You seem to have found some peace in your passage.

    Saludos, señor

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    1. Señor Jones: Times were far different when we were kiddies. And that there was no CNN is one of the positive things about it. I have long wanted to play the accordion but never did. Played the sax and clarinet instead.

      Saludos to you too.


    1. Patzman: If I’d had some change, if I had been a bit closer to him, and had I not been too lazy to climb up to where he was (I was down a bit), I would have given him some too. My bad, as they say.

      But your good, and you’re good too.


  2. That guy has a VERY nice accordion. Did you see all the switches? Plus it has a very nice sound.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where, due to various circumstances, we have not played the accordion in more than a year. Blah!!!


    1. Kim: It is a nice accordion indeed. That fellow has been sitting and playing in that area for many, many years. He cannot be young. I think he may have been there when I moved here 18 years ago.

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  3. The accordion player has been has been doing this for at least 28 years. I didn’t recognize the area where he was playing. In the later ’80s to the mid ’90s he was always just down the street from Casa de Once Patios. At that time, he couldn’t actually play the accordion — just made a lot of noise.


    1. Glenn: Thanks for the info. Glad to know my memory still works a bit. He was playing out there when I arrived 18 years ago. Where he sits now, and where he was sitting when I taped him, is just across from Once Patios.


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